17 Can’t-Miss Trailers From PlayStation Experience

By Sid Shuman: "Woo-hoo, PlayStation Experience! Our massive, two-day community event has wrapped up, but so many new games were announced that it’s easy to miss some choice trailers and videos. "

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MrDead1348d ago

It's the variety of genres that blew me away at the PS Experience, a bit of something for everyone.

opoikl1348d ago

I initially watched it for the AAA games, but it's Gang Beasts that got me excited the most. Just like you said, they covered a lot of genres - except for racing games (why no GT7?)...

MrDead1348d ago

Well the ultimate driving sim might not have been there but the ultimate petrol head made his appearance, Glottis from Grim Fandango.... thats good enough for me.

Muzikguy1348d ago

Were the RPGs there? I mean besides FF7? I need to catch up on the stuff but I can't right now

telekineticmantis1348d ago

Kings crown caught me totally off guard. It looked really good.