Shulk Amiibo Rarity To Be Forced By GameStop

An anonymous GameStop manager has told Nintendo News that the retailer will only sell enough Shulk amiibo to meet pre-orders in an attempt to drive demand.

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Relientk771350d ago

Are they trying to make it like Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii, only sold at Gamestop?

Gamestop that is really lame, if true

Sparkticle1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

Yeah, looks like Gamespot is trying to pull the same bullsh*t again...which...really, Gamespot?

At least one staff member has the decency to go out and spread the word. Why is Gamespot acting as if they OWN Xenoblade? Having a deal with Nintendo should be like a honorable perk, rather than a key to rip people off.

I hope Nintendo seriously reconsiders handing copies of Xenoblade Chronicles X to these assholes.

Cy1350d ago

You do realize Nintendo is doing the exact same thing with certain amiibos, right?

ShadowWolf7121350d ago


Gamespot is a website.

People seem to get them confused a lot.

Sparkticle1350d ago


Yeah, I mistype them without even noticing it. Thanks for the correction though!

animegamingnerd1350d ago

should probably pre-order a couple soon and i really hope they don't pull this for the 3DS version of Xenoblade or Xenoblade X

kingdomtriggers1350d ago

What does gamestop have against the xenoblade franchise? lol first it was the game, now with the shulk amiibo...

Cy1350d ago

As opposed to amiibo rarity being forced by Nintendo like it usually is.

Sparkticle1350d ago (Edited 1350d ago )

You do know that's just a rumor, right? Also contradicted by another rumor.

I have never yet encountered a case where I didn't see a stock of amiibos in a store when I went to one. It's either half empty or half full.

Sparkticle1350d ago

Righto, you got me, I didn't see the article posted literally an hour ago. My fault.

However, you said that Nintendo "usually" forces amiibo rarity, which I still can easily disagree with, as there was no recent report of lacking amiibo stock, despite it being such a high demand.

Discontinuing a few amiibos for the meantime (like Marth) before games featuring said characters will be released seems like a logical decision, and I don't see it as squeezing money out of the consumer in any way, as opposed to Gamespot increasing demand for amiibos just because they feel like it.

Summons751350d ago

Of course, why wouldn't GameStop take the opportunity to screw over gamers. They already forced the rarity of Xenoblade Chronicles by hiding hundreds of copies and not fulfilling preorders so they could release them as used later for twice the price. Hell go to gamestop when there is a pokemon give away there....they will hold it hostage until you reserve a game or buy (x) amount. I used to work for them so I know the scumming things they encourage empolyees to do. I don't know why Nintendo keeps doing deals with them when Gamestop keeps stabbing them in the back and actively telling people not to buy Nintendo products. If Xenoblade Chronicles X is Gamestop exclusive I'm screwed because I refuse to spend a single cent at GameStop.

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The story is too old to be commented.