The Real Reason Sony’s Street Fighter V Deal Is Bad For Microsoft

No matter what side of the fence you stand on, SFV console exlcusive to PS4 is a pretty big deal. Getting a numbered entry exclusive to a console AFTER it existed on multiple consoles will always be a big deal no matter the genre. There's also another reason this is a big deal for Sony:


This feature bridges a gap directly, but may also send ripples into the future of the console war when it comes to Indie titles.

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Romudeth1234d ago ShowReplies(11)
Killakap1234d ago

I completely disagree. If anything Sony woke up a sleeping check book.

Enemy1234d ago

Sleeping? They did pretty recently try to wow people with their Rise of the Tomb Raider deal, except no one cares due to: 1. The recent Tomb Raider was forgotten quick. 2. It's a timed exclusive.

They also tried to wow with Sunset Overdrive, which they don't own and Insomniac can easily bring a sequel to PS4, Dead Rising 3, which they funded similarly to Sony with Street Fighter 5, and Ryse, which bombed so hard Crytek is nearly bankrupt.

Their check books haven't been saving them at all this gen.

Dudebro901234d ago

There was so much bs is that comment, I can't even fully comprehend the stupidity.

Svinya1234d ago

I, along with many others, care. Recent Tomb Raider was fantastic.

bouzebbal1234d ago

how about Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean, Tales of Vesperia, FFXI and many more on 360? Of course they were a bad deal for Sony at that time, the same way SFV is a massive asset for the PS4.
xbox secured TR and Dead Rising from Capcom. it's called competition. And this is what makes people buy more than one console.

zeroskie1234d ago

Personally, I really enjoyed the recent Tomb Raider and was excited to play it on PS4. I was really disappointed to hear that it would be a (timed) exclusive for the Xbox.

This was a pretty big blow to me and to other Playstation fans of Tomb Raider. This SFV thing is much less of an issue since a large majority of competitive fighting games are played on Playstation consoles anyways. I doubt it will really affect MS in the long run. Even if MS started this nasty trend of making what would otherwise be multiplat games exclusive, I'm disappointed in Sony for basically doing the same thing.

Also, Sunset Overdrive looks amazing. I wish it were on PS4.

NuggetsOfGod1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Lol look at the console idiots acting like sf5 being exclusive to ps4 gives them any benefit.

I could see if could run at 2k resolution. But fom the looks of it we already know mostly what to expect from it.

Street fighter is just street fighter.

Great to be a tekken fan lol. Dont play fighters much anymore but
I do know it didn't help capcom much lol.

Sony is basically taking advantage of a failing company which is smart.

Interesting to see sony get into a bidding war with ms.
Who will win?

Exclusives are bad for gamers as it limits the audiance who cant afford all platforms but whatever.

E veryone in here acts like they are getting a check from sony for the support when its the other way aound.

Console are killing the industries soul while it still grows into a huge rotten apple do to overlords.

But I cannot deny its damb interesting to watch.

SF4 sold 3M last gen with an install base of 140M +..

It's niche. People act like its cod.

bouzebbal1233d ago


"Street fighter is just street fighter"
You are the idiot here. Street Fighter is a massive series and the exclusivity deal is a big deal for PS4, not that it's in need of more exclusives but SF exclusive will make people talk and it is an asset more towards PS4 which is the platform for 2D fighting.
Sorry to disappoint you but this deal means that others are on the way. First Deep Down, now SFV. Next: Onimusha?

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RiPPn1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I wonder how much of that check book was used to discount the Xbox as much as it has been this past 2 months.. godda assume that it has been eating into profits or even putting them in the red and all that did was help them keep current pace with Sony in a couple markets.

Have to assume with far more market share Sony will get exclusives far cheaper, this is going to be an interesting next couple years.

NuggetsOfGod1234d ago

How does it benefit any company to release on the bigger selling console only?

They could release it for the 15M ps4 gamers and the 8-10M
xbox gamers..

even in 3, years at the same rate ps4 is at 45M and xbox is at 30M Sony better write a massive check. lol

I hope to see a bidding war. The ruining of console gaming is rapid lol.

Romudeth1234d ago

What, are MS going to buy Mortal Kombat now? lol What can they seriously do to get a fighter on the level of SF on Xbox One?

Moldiver1234d ago

"What can they seriously do to get a fighter on the level of SF on Xbox One?"

Who says it has to be a fighter? they could just go after a bigger IP like skyrim/fallout etc.

This SF5 deal sets two precedents.

1) The bigger the exclusive the better. TR was big news. SF is bigger news. and there are a lot of third party games that are bigger news than SF. MS has a big enough checkbook. It all comes down to how aggressive they are with that cheque book. what kinds of risks they are going to take. We dont know what is going on at MS HQ.

2) console exclusives are a "thing" now. But I expect to hear a lot more "well I can play it on PC instead" from both sides, in response.

...and so the coin will keep flipping. The shoe will keep changing foot. the goal posts will keep moving. and people will continue a cycle of contradicting their earlier statements.

And I will enjoy reading the comments.

Sashamaz1234d ago

Personally I think games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat are better than Street Fighter so anything can be done than is better than this deal, however, in term of what MSoft can do I think they have already done it with Tomb raider, a gami that is bound to get more sale than Street fighter even if timed (1 year but correct me if I'm wrong) will be more significant than the street fighter deal.

jahcure1234d ago

I don't think you really grasp this. To you ..MK and Tekken are bigger.. To the people who made this deal, they see sales numbers and facts.

Facts are that SF is the biggest fighting game around..that's undeniable.

secondly, historically speaking, there's never been a time when tomb raider on xbox has ever outsold street fighter....period.
SF4 on ps3 sold over 4 million copies.
Tomb Raider on xbox 360 sold -1.75 million copies.
Tomb Raider on xbox one, 360 combined - 1.9 million copies.

Do you see where i'm going with this?

For good measure, even on PS consoles, where Tomb raider does best
tomb raider on ps3 - 2.3 million copies
ps3 and ps4 combined - 3 million

SF4 on ps3 - 4 million plus.

Tomb raider is nowhere near as significant as street fighter.. not saying it's a not a good steal for a limited time, but lifetime exclusive of street fighter is huge.

mortal kombat ps3 - 2.5 million
mortal kombat x360 - 1.9 mil

Condemnedman1234d ago

Who really cares about sf5 because I don't give a rats ass Sony can have it. Sf5 is not going to make me purchase a ps4. Bloodhound maybe not fucking way Street fighter 5

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kenwonobi1234d ago

Sometimes the bigger fanbase means more to 3rd party companies. Microsoft was already doing it so nothing changed at all.

XanderZane1234d ago

Sony has been doing this since the PS1. People keep forgetting that Nintendo had the MGS and Final Fantasy franchises exclusively on their NES systems before Sony grabbed them and put them on the PS1. So no Microsoft wasn't the first. They weren't even in the gaming business when Sony started doing this. Microsoft followed suit though with the original XBox and all those SEGA exclusive they got. In any case, this didn't effect Nintendo back then and it won't affect Microsoft now, since they will just acquire even more big named IP's.

miyamoto1234d ago

Really? That sleeping checkbook woke up since the first Xbox in 2000 and its been quite awake for a long time and still have not won a single console generation.

XanderZane1234d ago

I also disagree. This is actually more bad for Capcom then anyone else since they aren't going to get the huge amount of sales they normally would get. We know Sony just paid Capcom to help get the game made. There will be little profit for Capcom since they will probably split it with Sony. Capcom and Sony are both slowing losing money every year. Now Sony has shook a hornets nest and Phil has already said they will find a way to counter Sony's exclusive deal. Like maybe getting a game like MKX or Tekken exclusive for the XB1. This deal isn't bad for M$ at all. It'll just make they buy more 3rd party exclusives and major companies. Say like Take-Two Interactive or SEGA. I'm sure M$ has a big sinister smile on their face right now.

Chevalier1234d ago

You know what I find funny is Xbone fans here keep on saying that Street Fighter which is the top selling in its genre doesn't matter and Tomb Raider does. So the game that on PS3 alone outsold both Xbox 360 + Xbone Tomb Raider doesn't matter? 90 million people own Xbox 360 and Xbone bought under 2 million copies of Tomb Raider does? Whereas on PS3 alone SF doubled Tomb Raider sales. Great logic there.

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rbailey1234d ago

It can't be denied that this is a big deal but lets not pretend like it's over for Microsoft and the Xbox One. We are only one year into the life cycle of both consoles and if anything this move will make both sides even more competitive in the long run. People should also be mindful that Spencer is a gamer as well and has a good idea of what the console and the owners actually want. It would be foolish to count him or Microsoft out right now based on this one title.

SoapShoes1234d ago

Yeah if he is so attune to our interests why did he support DRM and all of the one's original policies? If he didn't like them he wouldn't have been so vocal and just kept to himself or moved on to another game company.

FriedGoat1234d ago

And why did Phil Spencer reduce rare to outputting shovelware every once in a while? What a great gamer he must be.

NoeLennon1234d ago

Exactly... Both Execs are getting their bonus' this year. Both consoles are beating expectations and breaking the sales that the 360 lead with last generation. Both are happy as shit, Sonys just a little happier as they have a big lead. But as we all know, shit happens and things usually change by the end of the cycle... We've already seen a pretty big change in the last month!! Hardly a nail in the coffin for MS.

Profexxion1234d ago

Definitely didn't say it was be all end all move for Sony, just that's a major one even though many are downplaying it.

Drasill1234d ago

I read that SF4 has sold 8 million copies across all platforms and all iterations. This series just isn't a big seller anymore.

Reddzfoxx1234d ago

I am surprised it sold that many... back in my day fighting games used to be fun but through the years the only thing that has changed is the graphics.

TLDR version: 20+ years ago fighting games were awesome... today I don't see the appeal.

FriedGoat1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

probrably because 20 years ago you could button mash with your other 5 year old friends and win.
These days Streetfighter takes skill, and with the internet everyone is better than you.

TLDR Version: it loses it's appeal when you're bad.

Reddzfoxx1233d ago

@FriedGoat I facepalmed seeing you think fighting games take skill. The ones I see on twitch are guy spamming the same 3 combos every fight with the same old fighters. No skill in being able to repeat button pushes.

Chevalier1234d ago

So a couple million PS4's being moved potentially just for SFV is not a big deal?! I doubt Tomb Raider will push sales of Xbones.

1234d ago
BladerunnerZX1234d ago

So 8 million copies sold is not a lot ?
Guess how many copies of Gears of War Judgement sold ?
Face it the only thing Xbox One has that are system sellers are Halo and maybe Forza.

Svinya1234d ago

8 million accross all platforms and formats? No.

1234d ago
Death1234d ago

Street Fighter will be available for Windows also. I'm not sure how supporting PC will kill Microsoft. Sucks for Xbox One fans that are still into Street Fighter, but we need to keep in mind Street Fighter isn't what it once was. Let's not rule out SFX:CE or any other edition from hitting the Xbox either. Capcom has always been a little sly about their Street Fighter exclusivity arrangements on consoles.

colonel1791234d ago

supposedly, Sony is developing the game with Capcom, just like with Bloodborne. If that is the case, it would be impossible for it to hit the Xbox, since they would not only be publishers.

Death1234d ago

Microsoft is making the same claim with the next Tomb Raider. With the game hitting PC as well I don't see Sony's involvement being that deep or it would be 100% Playstation exclusive. Capcom has a history of making Street Fighter games exclusive just to hit other platforms with a different version. I'm not sure Street Fighter is as strong a franchise to do this again. If it sells well on the PS4 I would be shocked if we don't see it hit the Xbox One and even Wii U under a different name.

SoapShoes1234d ago

Microsoft is not making that claim with TR. They aren't helping fund it and CD has plenty of money to make it. It's not like Bayonetta 2 or SFV where their developers aren't super rich.

Death1234d ago

I dunno Soap. Phil made it pretty clear they were partners and invested in Tomb Raider, but I suppose if anyone would know it would be you. Thanks for your helpful insight and for clearing things up.

darthv721234d ago

There have been only 3 other instances of a main street fighter game being exclusive to a console.

Street fighter/fighting Street: PCEngine/TG16
Street Fighter 2: Super nintendo/SFC
Street Fighter 3 & Double impact: Dreamcast

then there is the playstation platform exclusive EX series which is more of a 3d fighter (like VF/Tekken) instead of the traditional ones.

From street fighter 2 turbo on up to ultra street fighter 4...the series has maintained its multiplatform status.

until SFV.

Profexxion1234d ago

In the gaming market, Microsoft isn't the only competitor on PC especially with Steam boxes incoming.

Moldiver1234d ago

"In the gaming market, Microsoft isn't the only competitor on PC especially with Steam boxes incoming."

Those steam boxes will be competing with consoles for living room space, also.