Paul McCartney Hologram Stars in Bizarre Destiny Music Video

Paul McCartney has just released perhaps the most bizarre gaming video ever.

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ValKilmer1345d ago

I've just lost all respect for Paul McCartney.

FromTheAshes1345d ago

I'm sure he's really concerned about your respect and opinion. /S

He's 72 and can write his OWN songs better than most of these so called musicians today.

ValKilmer1345d ago

I also speak for Ringo Starr.

kneon1345d ago

I expect if you went through the current top 40 and removed all those that don't/can't write their own songs, can't play the music or can't sing without autotune fixing everything you'd end up with a top 5 at best.

FromTheAshes1345d ago


Exactly. Most new "music artists" are new age Milli Vanilli's at best.

miyamoto1345d ago

The song is quite good. Very Beatles. I just close my eyes, listen and enjoy.

nucky641345d ago

you're kidding.....right? the only genius to come out of the beetles was lennon. mcCartneys idea of writing songs is to take 1 line and repeat it several hundered times to music.

opoikl1345d ago

Live and let die anyone?

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ValKilmer1345d ago

Listen, I'm not saying the song is bad. Actually, I quite enjoy it.

But this video is just a travesty. It's incredibly dated, poorly produced and you have to wonder how much Activision had to pay for an icon to put themselves in this position.

just_looken1345d ago

Ok but the big thing here is they took the time to do this but not fix everything.

Also in the game your ghost is barley able to listen to a radio call from another planet something we do today (mars drone bs moon vid feed70's). Yet now he is streaming video across the galaxy wtf?.

hiredhelp1345d ago

Why cos he said yes to do some music for the game?

Hamzaali1345d ago

totally agree with you mr

SaveFerris1345d ago

Is this part of the paid DLC for the game?

CorndogBurglar1345d ago

Yes. Turns out Paul McCartney was the first Guardian from a time far gone. What you see in this video is a power from his Bard Sub-Class. Its a distraction type ability that causes all enemies to stop and listen to his music so you can shoot them.

He also has a Sub-Class called Beatle. When used, music notes shaped like beetles swarm the enemies.

He has a unique exotic weapon called the Horn of Kathshalazak. Its basically a horn that instantly kills enemies when he sings into it.

DLConspiracy1345d ago

Much Love/respect for McCartney, I don't even dislike the song but the video is just weird...

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