The 5 Best And 5 Worst Things About The Game Awards 2014

SegmentNext writes: "The Game Awards 2014 were, if nothing else, a straight shooter of laureates and reveals. It may not be perfect yet, far from it, but it’s definitely exhibiting symptoms of its good intentions.

So, what exactly went right and where does the event still need some tweaks?"

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gangsta_red1265d ago

So what won GOTY? I'm surprised no one is talking about what game took the gold.

gangsta_red1264d ago

Oh wow, good for Bioware, I'm playing it now and it is a great game.

I saw the nominees and I am shocked that Bayonetta 2 didn't take it, especially with all the perfect scores it received.

Saw the clips of the new Zelda game and I am very curious to see how Nintendo treats an open world fantasy game.

Sparkticle1264d ago

Bayonetta 2 is a great game, and it's also very sexy looking, but it's just not western enough to receive that GOTY award.

Inquisition has it well deserved, though. I'd say they were the second in line for me to get that title. They finally redeemed themselves on the f***-ups they have made with the past Dragon Age games.

Sparkticle1265d ago

The good: Zelda gameplay was so hype.
The bad: Game Awards is still a bore fest.

ShinMaster1264d ago (Edited 1264d ago )

I gotta say, it was definitely better than last year's VGX as well as the VGAs.

The pacing was a little slow, which made it a bit boring at times, but at least they didn't have any awkward moments like last year.

Sparkticle1264d ago

No, I do agree that it was a big improvement over last year, but I think if I didn't see someone as charismatic as Reggie on stage, I would've snoozed my way through and probably would have also missed the Zelda gameplay reveal.

Many games were also just not that interesting to me, which was also my problem with the PlayStation Experience. Oh well, I'm being too picky. E3 is in half a year, anyways.

Mikefizzled1264d ago

I don't know when the black comedian said 'Reggie lets go to the strip club' I was a little nervous it would get awkward.

Sparkticle1264d ago

Reggie said the most common question he received was "When are we getting new details on the new Zelda?"....

I would imagine it would be more like: "Reggie man, where can I get your exclusive porn DVD?"

Christopher1264d ago

The whole "this is another Nintendo press conference" vibe made it painful for me, in addition to all the musical shows that for the most part were more Nintendo fanfare.

About the only good thing I can think that came of it was a worthwhile award for the Williams.

Sparkticle1264d ago

Actually, this time around, the show was a LOT more balanced across all the big three and there was a lot less biased fanboyism.

I don't know what you have against Nintendo, really. But the show didn't "overdo" it with "fanfare".

If anything really overdoes it with "fanfare", it's probably this site in general.

Christopher1264d ago

I admit, I'm not a fan of Nintendo, but...

Started off with 5m of Nintedo talk with Reggie speaking, had the Nintendo musician guy playing, had multiple instances of talking to Reggie on the sidelines, Nintendo had the most exclusive reveals/videos out of any publisher, let alone exclusive titles, all but one musical presentation was heavily Nintendo focused of not fully Nintendo focused.

There were 2 Sony guys on stage, both very brief and one to only introduce the Icon Award. There was 1 Microsoft guy on stage.

My comment wasn't about liking or not liking Nintendo. It was a plain fact about how much time was spent on Nintendo as well as focused on Nintendo icons and people.

Yes, there were other games discussed and reveals, but Nintendo had the most screentime of any single publisher or platform at the event.

brianunfried1264d ago

Where was Microsoft? They seemed kind of absent. It appeared the show was sponsored by Nintendo or something.