Hardcore Gamer Presents: 20 Years of Experiencing PlayStation

As you may have noticed from the hype surrounding PlayStation Experience, Sony’s console brand just turned twenty. To honor that longevity Hardcore Gamer’s staff has highlighted twenty of their favorite PlayStation games – five apiece for each of Sony’s four legacy systems. The PlayStation 4 is riding high, and the Vita has a devoted fan base, but they stand on the shoulders of these giants.

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Relientk771469d ago

Nostalgia hit me hard in the face, while going through this article.

ValKilmer1469d ago

You and me both. Some days I wish I could perpetually live in 1998.

JimmyDM901469d ago

I just had a flashback to playing Crash Team Racing on the tiny portable television in our family room as my family used the big TV to watch the ball drop on the new millennium. All those dumb Y2K scares haha.

LightDiego1469d ago

Great article. So many games all these years.