7th Gen vs 8th Gen - Aligned Sales Comparison - November 2014 Update

VGChartz Writes: "The 8th generation has struggled to keep up with the 7th generation as it has fallen even further behind to its lowest point to date. However, the drop in sales in the latest month is less than the previous month. The main reason for the drop in sales is the Wii U selling far behind the Wii.

The 7th generation handhelds in its first 13 months have sold 32.09 million units, while the 8th generation has sold 29.44 million units. The gap grew by 408,462 units in favor of the 7th generation and it currently leads by 2.65 million units.

7th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 32,090,662

8th Generation Total Combined Home Console Sales: 29,436,035

Total Lead: 2,654,627 – 7th Generation"

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cellode1319d ago

Despite how much the Wii U has fall behind the Wii, the home console sales are pretty close when you compare the two generations. Definitely due to the strong PS4 sales. Even the Xbox One is holding its own, being slightly ahead of the Xbox 360 during the same amount of time.

trunkswd1319d ago

Agreed. The PS4 has sold amazing since its launch.

Foehammer1319d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Also agree

Note that the 360 launched in 36 Countries and the X1 in 13.

So sales have picked up since September when X1 add 29 more Countries.

Sales from September on will be more of an apples to apples comparison with 360.

Edit @ Mikeslemonaid, according to MS financial report, a 102% increase in X1 sales in the quarter ending 31 September 2014. Long before the November sales.

trunkswd1319d ago

Yeah. Though the biggest markets for the Xbox is the US and UK.

mikeslemonade1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Foehammer, I hope you don't use that logic at school. Actually I hope that you do so you can fail your econ class.

With your logic, I guess it has nothing to do with dropping the barrier to entry from $500 to $330?? How much sales are in those 13 countries vs the 29 countries, or just pulling that data from your butt?

You're just like Microsoft who doesn't tell you the whole story of their sales. They have to be shifty and tell one side of the sales. Such as talking just about the U.S. sales.

Eonjay1318d ago

If you take the Wii/Wii U out of the equations, both PS4 and Xbox One are ahead of their last gen counterparts. So, its really just the Wii U that is doing worse than last gen.

Also, these are just estimations so in reality, being as though we already know the PS4 is the fastest selling console ever (in other words more than the Wii), there is a chance that the combined effort of all three current gen consoles are on par or perhaps above gen 7 with aligned launches.

Concertoine1318d ago

Actually, the Wii has sold more at this point. Im sure lifetime the PS4 will pass it since the Wii's legs probably won't be as long