Nintendo Superfan

Nintendo sure has some hardcore fans out there.

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meshow3806d ago

..was that on Earth?! rofl

Sphinx3806d ago

Was he semi-retarded? Maybe he was high? Was he just tired from staying up for 5 days? Were those guys really his friends or just patronizing him? So confused!

Marriot VP3806d ago

hilarious, the guys in the background had no respect for this rambling moron

lots of laughs

rmgst3806d ago

Please don't make fun of me.

NJ1307RSX3806d ago

You're kidding right?

Are you serious is that really you?

MicroGamer3806d ago

and a little anti-social. He never lifted his eyes up during the entire interview and didn't really seem like he enjoyed being prodded by the reporter. Probably not a bad dude, but he definitely wasn't showing his best in this interview.

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The story is too old to be commented.