Dungeon Defenders 2 Hands-On Preview | Entertainment Buddha

Entertainment Buddha's Nick Horry writes: "Step right up tower defense enthusiasts, Diablo style RPG enthusiasts, and even MOBA enthusiasts, because Dungeon Defenders 2 might just pique your curiosity. As a sequel to the 2011 Dungeon Defenders, Dungeon Defenders 2 (developed by Trendy Entertainment) places players in the world of Etheria where the army of ‘The Old Ones’ have invaded. It’s up to you and your hero to band together with friends to build the ultimate defense and push back the monstrous hordes. You can choose from one of four heroes: the Monk, the Squire, the Huntress, or the Apprentice. As many of you can probably guess, each hero falls in to a certain archetypal role that is standard in many fantasy RPGs."

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