Stop Waiting For a Final Fantasy VII Remake

An opinion piece on why a Final Fantasy VII remake may not be the best idea. Hot on the heels of Square Enix's recent reveal "controversy," we examine whether a remake of "quite possibly the greatest game ever made" is what we really want.

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xYLeinen1261d ago (Edited 1261d ago )

Well, "waiting" would mean something was announced or going to happen.

I don't understand why you want a remake anyway. Something will NEVER be better than the original piece, because you have your memories, enjoyments, experiences with the original game.

My top 1 game of all time is Ocarina of Time. Would I love a remake, NO, nothing would never be the same as the original!

If you are a true fan you don't wait for remakes, you treasure the original!! Shame on you!!

Summons751260d ago

Thank you. All these people begging for a remake are going to be the first to complain about how they ruined the game. Zelda or Final Fantasy would have such drastic changes, mostly for the better, because the developers will be able to overcome a lot of the restrictions they had back then. With Final Fantasy a lot of the in betweens will have voice acting, which naturally any entitled gamer is never happy with so "game ruined" as well as being turned into cutscenes. It won't be the same game that everyone remembers like you said and I don't think they understand that.

bouzebbal1260d ago

i'm really looking forward to FF7 HD on PS4. it's a massive announcement for me.
As i said many times before, SE never said they were making FF7 remake. It was a tech demo to showcase PS3 power, exactly the same thing they did with FF6 on N64 as a tech demo.
Why isn't everyone crying for FF6 3D on N64?

Can't wait for FF7 in HD (did i already say it?)

Stoppokingme1260d ago

Maybe SE should just make the original game available for download and leave it at that.

And the same should apply for XIII and IX, I'd leap at the chance to play those games again in any form.

WitWolfy1260d ago

Thank you for talking on behalf of all us gamers..


If they want a remake, GIVE THEM A FREAKING REMAKE!!

Nerdmaster1260d ago

"My top 1 game of all time is Ocarina of Time. Would I love a remake, NO, nothing would never be the same as the original!"

Ocarina of Time 3D is even better than the original.

bmf73641260d ago

Here's the reason why, on a business standard, they should remake FFVII. It has been given praise as the best Final Fantasy ever. Years have passed and, well, Final Fantasy's install base kind-of dwindled with the XIII trilogy. If Square Enix were to reintroduce FFVII without the outdated graphics and art design, it would appeal to newer audiences and rekindle Final Fantasy's audience.

It's rubbish for Square Enix to say "we don't have the budget" because they were able to release the MMO Final Fantasy XIV, recall it, then completely rebuild it from the ground-up as A Realm Reborn. They have the money. They just don't want to make the investment.

lipton1011260d ago

I'm totally down for the original again, my question though, are trophies now included in the ps4 version?

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magus1261d ago

More like stop buying their products and see if SE laughs then. I have no problem leaving my money in the bank.

Summons751260d ago

SE has stated dozens of times that they have no interest in remaking the game and will consider it if a Final Fantasy title can out sell it. So please if you insist on keeping your money in the bank because you are pretending they are criminals than don't keep crying when they don't remake your game.

xX_Altair_Xx1260d ago

A remake could easily happen - why would SE not want free money? The sticking point is that Sony want it exclusive as they're the publisher, SE want multiplatform.

pelida1260d ago

I don't like remakes; old games are... old. It's part of the charm; but in the case of VII it really needs to improve the combat: sloooow

kayoss1260d ago

Thats what made this game so great. I hated the battle system for ffxiii and i do not like the new system for FF15. To me FF15 cant identify itself an RPG game or an Action game.

pelida1260d ago

I hate 13 too. I don't want a different combat system, but make it faster

pompombrum1260d ago

Never say never but ultimately, I think most of us fans realize that it's extremely unrealistic and the cost it would cost to make would make it a huge gamble. Still, that doesn't mean we deserved to get trolled so hard either.

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The story is too old to be commented.