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"The Crew came out of the gate swinging, touting itself as an MMO"Car"PG and promising to deliver players high octane thrills across most of the United States of America. Through 2014, and several highly teasing betas, players were left anticipating the final product. Well, now The Crew is pushing the pedal to the metal worldwide and now comes the time to decide if this is the racing enthusiast's dream or sludge in the engine."

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core_51266d ago (Edited 1266d ago )

this game is so epic, you longer you play, it becomes better and better ... a worthy successor to the test drive series ..

uth111266d ago

It's nice to see it getting some good scores.

This game gets way more hate than it deserves

creeping judas1265d ago

Agreed, not that the game doesnt have faults, but it certainly doesnt deserve the hate. I think Ivory Tower did a fantastic job here, and I wish the game to be a financial success, because imagine what IT can do when they are just concentrating on current get consoles, and not last gen consoles also.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081265d ago

**** the haters man. I'm loving this game! and it's going to get better later on down the line with the updates.

realplayer821265d ago

The handling in this game is some of the worst I have ever played in a racing game. The raid and dirt races are horrible and dont get me started on the outrun the police missions. And before you say you just suc I am level 45 and I beat the missions but they arent fun just tedious.