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Far Cry 4 PC patch 1.5.0 released, stuttering still remains

The previously detailed PC patch 1.5.0 for Far Cry 4 has been released by Ubisoft today, but players are still reporting problems with stuttering and other issues. It’s a 1.3GB download.

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Community1467d ago
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Rick_Ross_Boss1467d ago

stuttering has become a major problem with PC games recently

SPAM-FRITTER-1231467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Not had any stuttering with AC:U or FC4, I think with PC's all having different hardware to the others it all depends what you have.

Also consoles have had their fare share of Ubi issues.

Testfire1467d ago

So many variables it would be hard to point what would cause a issue.

starchild1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Well, I definitely have stuttering with FC4 even on my GTX 970, no matter which settings I use. I've also had some issues with Dragon Age Inquisition.

But AC Unity and every other recent PC game I have played are free from stutter.

Cernunnos1467d ago

Especially with every Ubisoft title.

AndrewLB1467d ago

A lot of the issues are caused by the game only utilizing a single CPU core. I fixed it by disabling core-parking on my CPU, then while running the game alt-tab out, launch task-manager, click on the processes tab, then right click on FarCry4.exe, select "set affinity" and if you have a quad-core CPU with 8 threads, only select 0, 2, 4, and 6. I also upped the priority of the game by "set priority".


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NiteX1467d ago

I've never had stuttering with my 970. But this latest patch did make my lighting all weird. In places with fog when I look around it flickers on and off. Never did that before this patch.

Adexus1467d ago

I had that before the patch with my 970 using volumetric fog, was fine with the Nvidia Godrays but I thought it looked awful and washed out with that on.

RedDeadLB1467d ago

Far Cry 4 runs horribly considering how it looks. It's barely a step up from Far Cry 3, but it runs so much worse than it I gave up on it.

Ubisoft is back to their previous trend - games are good, but holy hell do they run like shit.

starchild1467d ago (Edited 1467d ago )

Yeah, Far Cry 4 has crappy stuttering issues. It does look quite a bit better than FC3, but not THAT much better. I get a very smooth 60fps in Far Cry 3, even on my previous GTX 770. There is no reason for FC4 to have stuttering issues that can't be resolved by adjusting settings and no matter what hardware you are using. That is the very definition of a poorly optimized or poorly made game.

AC Unity, on the other hand, has been fine for me. There are quite a few glitches with NPCs but nothing close to game breaking. And at least it runs with a steady smooth framerate when I lock it at 30fps (with 60Hz refresh rate) or 50fps (with 50Hz refresh). It also looks amazing and justifies its hardware demands.

AndrewLB1467d ago

Barely a step up from Far Cry 3? Perhaps on consoles. Not PC.

Far Cry 4:

Far Cry 3:

Many of the advanced graphical features ONLY found on the PC version make FC4 into an absolutely gorgeous game. The use of soft shadows, HBAO+, amazing fur technology on animals, tessellation, and the lighting are so far more advanced than FC3 it's crazy.

Just for fun I turned all those features off and knocked the settings down from Ultra to High in order to give myself the "console experience" and the difference was massive. So much so that i couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes and turned everything back on.

RedDeadLB1467d ago

I find FC3 prettier in the picture you used. Definitely prettier. The only worthwhile addition to the graphical features is HBAO+ and the fur.

That still doesn't justify the lackluster performance. Plus, the fps difference between settings is barely 10fps low to ultra. You can't be serious if you think that's optimization. I can run it on ultra, no problem. Not at 60fps, but pretty close. What irks me is the mouse movement ( which feels strange ), the constant stuttering and the lackluster performance. I think it's time for them to use a new engine.

Father__Merrin1467d ago

Tbh id rather buy on consoles anyways digital its £49.99 where as physical its around £44.99, on top of that after completion you can trade it in towards a new game! i wonder whats causing the stutterfest anyway must be optimisation issue

BattleAxe1467d ago

This happened with Far Cry 2. Decided to try playing it in DX9 instead of DX10 and the stuttering was gone.

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