Sony Botches Sale of 20th Anniversary Edition PS4

Hardcore Gamer: The release of this console has been a debacle.

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ValKilmer1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I'll never forgive, Sony. Just for that I'm buying Street Fighter V on Xbox One.

Orbertron1319d ago

Didn't you hear, that it is never coming to the Xbox One ...
you will have the wait for Super Hyper Mega Ultra Street Fighter V tag team party edition EX plus Alpha, for Capcom to get round Sony legally, we might see a trailer at Microsoft E3 year of our lord 2025, fingers crossed

mikeslemonade1319d ago

It's a business. I'm sure it was on the table and up for discussion about purposely making the supply low to create more hype. It was called limited edition for a reason.

Unlike the limited day 1 editions for MS, that actually aren't all that limited.

Ginn1319d ago

Was the sarcasm that easy to miss?

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Walkingliving1319d ago

[email protected]

Is that sarcasm ?

By the way on PS anniversary we got few games for free aswell.

PaleMoonDeath1319d ago

Woah, mate did you really not see what he did?

Bathyj1319d ago

Youre not a customer
Youre not a fan
Youre not relevant to this topic.

GameLover561319d ago

LOL now Why would anybody care of Street Fighter V oh enjoy the wait 2018 when Sony also decide to put it on PC I will then buy it

Ares84HU1319d ago

They should release more of these. Like a million more. Just to fuck with the people who are trying to sell it on ebay.

S2Killinit1319d ago

You must have not watched the conference. Sony gave me three free games, to your one.

XisThatKid1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

<SARCASM> ====== WHOooOooSH =========
............ 0_0 <N4G Community

I cannot stress this enough :/

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Letthewookiewin1319d ago

I will never forgive Sony either, I will buy Bloodborne and The Order on my Xone instead.

XanderZane1319d ago

Yes, and we'll all buy Titanfall. Dead Rising 3, Quantum Break, Tomb Raider and Gears of War on the PS4. Damn you Microsoft for not having a XBox Experience event. lol!!

claudionmc1319d ago


Letthewookiewin1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Thats a pretty weak list bro... The new Titanfall (Not that I care) and Tomb Raider will be on PS4.

ChristopherJack1319d ago

Dead Rising 3, Ryse, Tomb Raider...

Ezz20131319d ago

i'm playing them on my Ouya

Aghashie1319d ago


Ouch! Loool! Read ur comment 30 minutes ago. Still laughing. Had to come back to give u a bubble.

Killzoner991319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Sorry but Street Fighter V is NEVER going to be on the Xbone. Sony owns the rights to the game because they codeveloped the game with Capcom . Do you really think Sony would allow Street Fighter V on the Xbone lol?

KiwiViper851319d ago

Pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

But you can keep SFV, if it means THAT much to you.

JackBNimble1319d ago

and you can keep Titanfall , children.

XanderZane1319d ago

Yeah, he was being sarcastic. When you own both systems and a decent PC, all this exclusive BS just pretty much goes out the window. You just shrug, laugh and go back to playing the games you love.

beerzombie1319d ago

no but the next 15 versions may come.

UKmilitia1319d ago

cant believe peopel are so pumped that the millionth version of the same game remade is exclusive.
i love my ps4 but things like this just dont interest me at all,back in 1990s i loved SF but jeez its old now and still the same

marloc_x1319d ago

My Windows PC will have to do.

At least I am guaranteed 60 fps..

Spid3r61318d ago

Guarantee that Street Fighter 5 ultra will be out 6 months later for the
Xbox one and PS 4

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aceitman1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I was at the ps ex. and I asked Andrew house how did they come up with the number instead of 20,000 sp-ed 20th ann. ps4 and he told me that they wanted the number of ps4s to mean something special and wanted the numbers to co-inside with the date so they put 12,300 which is the launch date of ps1 and they wanted it to be limited for that reason. and so u can see I have proof I was there and I have a pic from my twitter acc. and so can see my twitter and n4g name is the same.

DoomeDx1318d ago


Is andrew so small or are you just really really big?

aceitman1318d ago

He is really short lol I said the same thing I thought he was taller

Cryptcuzz1318d ago

I like Andrew House, he seems cool and down to earth (That and the fact he can speak a few languages, even Japanese fluently) Wish I was able to meet the guy.

DLConspiracy1319d ago

Well at least you are one of the few that decided to not petition against something or throw death threats a someone. Its a step up.

LordDhampire1319d ago

That was beautiful, Val Kilmer. Would read again

Gamer19821319d ago

The author of this sounds a bit butthurt.. What did people expect when they only released a few thousand and the console sells over 1 million a month?

LightDiego1318d ago

Your comments are great, lol!

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Death1319d ago

How can anyone say this was botched? Sony wanted this to be a limited release. It was a limited release and it sold out extremely fast. So the author didn't get one, not Sony's fault. Demand is obviously very high for this console. I would imagine Sony can make more if they feel demand justifies it. You would think it's a no brainer and they would. Time will tell.

CocoWolfie1319d ago

exactly! they created it as an anniversary gift. i believe it was 12,300 to represent the release date? but yeah the demand for a limited editon was high and unfortunately they sold out quick :c not to mention most bought to resell .-.

Th4Freak1319d ago

Excuse my ignorance but considering that people had to buy it how can that be considered a gift?

-Foxtrot1319d ago

They did a few things wrong with this, like so many studios/developers/games companies who do special stuff which are highly limited

1) It wasn't available everywhere. My main problem as you've seen. It's not fair, it means only people in the US got one, how is that giving fans a chance to celebrate it's 20th anniversary if it's just people in the US. We all deserve a shot

2) They let people buy it as the PSX which not everyone could go to. Again this was a US based event. Everyone should of had a fair shot at it.

3) They needed more warnings when it was going to go live. Maybe a timer would of helped on a web page

4) They gave away some of the copies for free to sites like IGN so they could preview it. Wasting copies other people could actually buy. God knows who else got one for free.

CaptainSellers1319d ago

Agree with everything you said, especially about point number 1, didn't they specifically mention it would be available to buy in EU?

GameDev11319d ago


Did they say it will be in the EU? I only remember them confirming it will be avaliable at PSX and for pre order online, I dont any specific place was a given

Think people expected it to be EU as it was put on the EU playstation blog

But for a limited console that sold well, it is hardly a botch, it is a disappointment to people who cant get their hands on it but far from a botch

travelguy2k1319d ago

Maybe it will be avail. in other locations when they hit their 20 years... was the original released WW on the same day?

USA had its 20th anniversary, maybe EU will have its 20th anniversary on its actual 20 years from release date in that region.

Maybe i'm speculating out my a$$, who knows.

But at least a limited edition is actually limited otherwise its kinda false advertising.

They should have released as many as day 1 sales of the original.

rainslacker1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

1. Sony's divisions all have their own regional offices, who all do their own independent stuff when it comes to publishing. In this case, SCEA are the ones who put this together, so that's why it wasn't available in other countries. This is the same reason that limited/collector's editions get different stuff in different regions, along with sometimes having different publishers when it comes to games.

2. If you go to a special event, then there is likely going to be perks to it. Sure not everyone can go, but not everyone has internet either. Should Sony also sell it in the store for those people? Just an example, not meant to start a discussion.

3. They announced when it was going to go live. Obviously there were people ready to buy it at the time it went live. They had some issues with that from what I heard, but still, it wasn't a secret.

4. nothing out of the ordinary there. It wasn't necessary since demand would obviously be met with so few copies. Selling 13K of any one special item like that is a given.

Anyhow, this was a limited thing. Something special for those who managed to get one. Sony doesn't really owe anyone anything, and they could have just not made it at all. For those that got one(and don't plan on reselling it) they got something very special, and are probably quite happy with it. I know I would have been since it's certainly a nice collector's item.

Sashamaz1319d ago

@GameDev1 go read their EU blog where even Yoshida posts giving us hope we would get it instead of spouting BS.

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GUTZnPAPERCUTZ1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I personally think it's ugly as hell. It's cool that it has the same pallet as the OG and the symbols stamped in and what not. If I bought it, it would be vacuum sealed and never to be turned on only for me to sell for millions when Im old MWAHAHAHAHAHAH!

zugdar1319d ago

Botched is having limited server capacity and letting only the luck of the draw get through the purchase. I was on it within seconds of it being released and I could not get through the checkout. A "click this link to get a voucher code" would have been so much better.

nitus101319d ago

One way Sony could sell more of these would to say something like "Due to popular demand we have decided to release an additional 50,000 or even 100,000 of these PS4 bundles".

I think even if they say 500,000 although IMHO 1 million may be pushing it they will most likely sell-out fairly quickly. In many ways that would be a good way for Sony to sell more PS4's with very little advertising.

Doing the above would only hurt the "scalpers" and IMHO would really get allot of happy buyers.

cell9891319d ago

Not Sonys fault, but definitely sucks to know scalpers are selling them for exorbitant prices on EBAY while the real hardcore fans were left out. It was pure luck if you scored one since the servers were shit and kept freezing the pages. At one point I had one in my cart ready to check out, only to have the page fail to reload and start the process all over again.

Godmars2901319d ago

At this point if they had run a million units it would be a "limited release".

Would have been best if they did a 3-6 month production run. As is, sounds like they've done under 100k. Well under.

rainslacker1319d ago

There's still hope for a more mainstream release. Given it's popularity, I could see a SKU being released with some PS1 remake/remaster.

Remember MS did the same thing with the Limited White X1 that they gave to "special" recipients at launch.

I dunno if the limited one is worth $20K. I wouldn't mind one as a collector, and would hate to sell it, but $20 is a heck of a lot of money for something I spent $400 on.:) It certainly won't be worth that much in 10-20 years, just now it's knee-jerk speculation that it's worth that much...or people have too much money on their hands.

Godmars2901319d ago

Is amusing that MS started with a special launch edition of the XO which, largely because of launch related mistakes, became common and relatively worthless, overestimated demand, and here Sony done goofed by underestimating demand. On their 20th anniversary when the PS4 is the top selling console of its gen.

rainslacker1319d ago

Quite possibly. Even if Sony makes a PS1 themed PS4 available the general public it wouldn't be the exact same due to the numbered editions, but would likely sell.

I dunno, Sony likes to give the appearance that they listen the customer, and it's not unlike them to release special editions of consoles.

I'm sure Sony was well aware of the demand they would have for this system. They know that special versions of the console sell well, and when you attach the term "limited" to anything gaming related it will sell at least 10K units, particularly when the special part of it is that it commemorates 20 years of PlayStation.

I bet we see some bundle at the next E3.

tekksin1319d ago

The article is just poorly written. They admitted in one part that Sony can do as they want, and then they just complain that its not what they (the author) wanted. That and the grammar is amateur.

Godmars2901319d ago

Didn't you get the memo?

Game journalism = blogging. You neither require academic/college level writing comprehension, nor editorial standards.

Kidmyst1319d ago

I read this and the whole time was thinking the Author was like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, "But Daddy I WANT ONE, I WANT ONE, I WANT ONE. Get me one Daddy!"

Pintheshadows1319d ago

I am sure I saw somewhere that one went for 15k on Ebay or some such. This guy is just salty.

Cryptcuzz1318d ago

I saw two for $15K and one for 20K that were auctions. I highly doubt the highest bidder will actually end up going through with the payment though, considering there are a few for $1800-$3000 "buy it now"

I wanted to get at least two and even had my three brothers on their computers and laptop go through the checkout for me. In the end, spent about 4 hours trying to get even one through to complete checkout, let alone two.

Now I am left with a big decision on whether to sell the one that is coming or to keep it...Very hard decision for me to say the least. Had I got at least two, it would be a simple decision. Sell one and keep one unopened.

UKmilitia1319d ago

what they should of done is people put there name in a genorator all around the world and selected at random.

i expect 75% of the people who managed to get one will be selling on,which is the bane of the modern world.

Jaqen_Hghar1319d ago

A man had one in his cart and the page wouldn't go through for some reason when he tried to pay with Paypal. They weren't gone this was way before that as it was minutes after the tweet and they sold out 2 hours after. That part was botched.

Cryptcuzz1318d ago

Same thing happened for me and apparently for everyone else as well. No one got through at the beginning to even be able to complete the check out process. It took me and my three brothers 4 freaken hours to get one order through. kept getting some gateway error, misconfiguration. Something along that line.

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NerdStar71319d ago

I really wanted one, but I couldn't pre-order it when at work :(

Screw you stupid scrounging eBay trolls!

Muzikguy1319d ago

I hope they all get stuck with their systems and empty wallets!

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1319d ago

like i said before why don't they just release the ps1 themed ps4 for everyone thats not a 20th anniversary edition so others can have the theme still. i mean lets be honest the real fans didnt get there hands on it just a**hole money hungry a**wipes that only bought it to scam others to buy it for insane amount of cash.

-Foxtrot1319d ago

Honestly I wouldn't mind a PS4 which looks like a PS1...maybe that's something they can do in 5 years time for the 25th Anniversary. If they make it backwards compatible aswell it would be a must by.

rainslacker1319d ago

You could theoretically retrofit the PS4 insides into the original PS1 case. That might actually be cooler.

Would require some modding knowledge, so soldering and maybe knowing how to cut down motherboards.

Wouldn't be official of course, but pretty neat. Maybe trick it out with some nice LED's.

Might be something I look into on the list of thousands of other cool things I want to do but never will.:)

JimmyDM901319d ago

Mostly I want the controller. If they released that, I would be content.

PlayableGamez1319d ago

They will probably do the same thing like Microsoft did with the white Xbox One. Remember when the White Xbox One was only exclusive to people who helped build the xbox one? Maybe Sony will see the feedback that people want a PS1 themed PS4 and will release a version.

rainslacker1319d ago

That's be pretty cool to release it with an exclusive steel book edition of some PS remaster or remake.