Square Enix Hoodwinks Gamers; Port of Final Fantasy VII is Not What We Want

Hardcore Gamer: t’s not that an enhanced port of Final Fantasy VII is unwanted, it’s just simply unneeded.

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ValKilmer1347d ago

Square needs to either truly remake this game or stop talking about it.

Relientk771347d ago

When they showed the FF7 logo at PS Experience, that really was the biggest troll of the year, as far as I'm concerned.

Like just a port? Really?

mikeslemonade1347d ago

For the fans.. just play the game and then go dream about it.

They don't need anymore more projects when they are making the next installment in FFXV.

DeadlyOreo1347d ago

Complete this game, and you unlock a trailer for a Final Fantasy VII remake suggesting it's in development. Hey, it could happen.

Square would certainly gain some kudos.

darthv721347d ago

during their trailer i kept expecting to see the image swap from the old style to a fresh new style. Like the grim fandango trailer. but...nope.

SoapShoes1347d ago

Yeah me too but I was still in disbelief that it was actually true and half way through I knew it wasn't a remake.

3-4-51347d ago

Gamers should "Hoodwink", SE by NOT BUYING this.

Magnus1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

This game would basically print money for itself if it is made. The demand is there SquareEnix is blind not to see the demand. Also do a FF8 remake and a Xenogears remake.

ValKilmer1347d ago

In my opinion, Final Fantasy 8 is not only the better game, but also the better candidate for a PS4 port.

Relientk771347d ago

If I could choose a Square PS1 game to bring to PS4 it would either be Brave Fencer Musashi or Final Fantasy IX, I absolutely love those games to death.

I am not against FF8 or Xenogears though, both great games, I would welcome those too

darthv721347d ago

If we are talking FF games then i would vote 9 as well. If we are talking other Square games then Einhander could really benefit from an HD makeover.

slate911347d ago

Not sure why sony found it fit to present a port like that, at an event they hyped up for months

BlackTar1871347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Serious Question. Was this a hey Sorry about Tomb Raider here's FF7 port from 20 yrs ago?

Disagreeing with me does nothing. It was a serious question.

maximus19851347d ago

doubtful. I honestly think they are just so out of touch that they honestly didnt consider this an insult. That or they hate money

BlackTar1871347d ago

Thanks for responding. I was out of touch on all this so i was thinking maybe they thought this was something people wanted.

Chard1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

So either Square Enix is completely blind to how their fanbase has been responding to their actions over the last decade, or they actually get a sick kick out of pissing off their fanbase.
Either answer is disturbing.
I don't even want a FF7 remake, but the way they went about this announcement was just spiteful. If I had been in the crowd I would have been booing.
Wasn't FF7 already on PSN on PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.