New releases for the week of December 9th, 2014

s it Christmas? Well, the first indicator would probably be amount of games coming out this week. Just a few games to tell you about for the week of December 9th, 2014:

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vikingland11018d ago

To tell the truth I won't need any new games for a couple months. November and October I bought MCC,GTA V,FC4,DAI,Never alone and LOTF. Plus Super smash bros.

AndiPs131018d ago

{I will wait for Christmas specials :P

WeAreLegion1018d ago

They forgot Guilty Gear. And several other titles.

crashbash1018d ago

Hardly anyone cares about Guilty Gear though.

WeAreLegion1018d ago

And I'm sure everyone is terribly excited for Plenty of Fishies...

Can you stop with that crap? It's getting old. We get it. You hate PlayStation.