Digimon: All Star Rumble Review – Why? Just Why…? | The Koaliton

It seems like fans of Digimon just can’t get a bone. The fans in the west must really be at their wits end lately, because overseas fans get awesome games like Re:Digitize and the upcoming Digimon Cyber Sleuth title while they get Digimon: All Star Rumble.

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DemonChicken1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Why? To gauge interest in further games of the franchise?

I mean if a particular game for say, Cyber sleuth would take alot of resources so additional cost, I believe this is a RPG. This would equal high risk so then logically I would proceed to localize a fighting game which won't cost as much to gauge interest and sales data.

It's no surprises that some big publishers usually won't proceed to localize the next installment if the prequel is producing sub-par sales without profit. Please see Yakuza and Legend of Heroes sky trails as prime examples, which we are fortunately enough to get the next sequel.

Like to add platforms in question PS3 + Xbox 360 which has a large install base compared with the PS Vita.

Disclaimer, my theory and pure speculation

Anyway I would like to add to the list, Sony where is The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki 1 & 2 for the PS3 or PS Vita? The PS Vita is dying and starved for good RPGs

NerdStar71234d ago

I like the Digimon cartoon series better than Pokemon.

Hate me.