Worthplaying review Battlefield:Bad Company

Worthplaying reports:

''The Battlefield series has come a long away from its Battlefield 1942 roots. From Tiger tanks to flying carriers, DICE's gameplay has lived up to the promise of providing a battlefield for players to wage war via land, sea and air. With Battlefield: Bad Company, DICE raises the stakes with the ability to remodel buildings on the fly in order to get to the enemy, complemented by a story of opportunity, greed, and the accidental one-man invasion of a neutral country.

The single-player campaign drafts you as Preston Marlowe, a new arrival to the 222nd Army battalion, B-company, which is also known as "Bad Company." It's where the Army sends all of the rejects that couldn't fit in anywhere else, and the squad to which Preston is assigned wears that as a badge of honor. There's Haggard, the demolitions expert whose country-boy, devil-may-care attitude has been put to use in making things blow up real good, even if it's just a joke. Sweetwater is the technical guy with the smarts and has apparently ended up in Bad Company by mistake. And the Sarge? He's the only thing keeping these two alive long enough to play rock-paper-scissors between missions while he waits for the end of his tour of duty.''

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