5 Reasons Why H1Z1’s Release Could Spell The End of DayZ

H1Z1 is hitting Early Access soon with a full release set for 2015 on the Playstation 4 and PC. Could this new zombie survival game spell the end for the popular DayZ?

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ps4gamer19831352d ago

"The Forest" game shown at PSX looked more interesting than either of these.

thorstein1351d ago

So does WiLD from E3 (though not zombieish, it is similar in vein.)

DVS-Zev1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

"The Forest" is a single player game that has nothing to do with either of the two mentioned.Why bring it up?

ps4gamer19831351d ago

The forest has multiplayer now from 4 to 256 players. Look it up.

WilliamUsher1351d ago

With Smedley saying that they won't be able to touch DayZ in the quality department at launch, it's hard for me to see H1Z1 catching up to DayZ, surpassing it and ending it.

JackBNimble1351d ago

Just go read the player reviews on steam for the DayZ early access and you will get a good idea about how well DayZ is going.

sorane1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Or you could just go to twitch and see that it's one of the most popular games streamed and watched. Oh and as for the reviews on Steam "User reviews: Very Positive (97,623 reviews)". I really hope this game is good too though as I love survival games, but saying it could spell the end of Dayz is ridiculous.

JackBNimble1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Well then DayZ must be going downhill because most of the reviews as of lately are negative.

I'm not lying , go see for

I really don't care either way , but I am curious about H1Z1.

Oh, by the way. I am not implying the H1Z1 would be that end of DayZ .

sorane1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Negative yet look at the amount of hours they've played of this "bad" game. The first 2 have 1000 hours between them. Like 17 of the first 29 negative reviews all have over 50 hours of playtime with a lot of them having 300-1200 hours played. Wish all games were that bad :) Not saying the games perfect by any means, but it is alpha which a lot of people don't seem to understand.

JackBNimble1350d ago

Just for the record I never said that DayZ was a bad game , I was just pointing out the negative user reviews. And many of those user reviews are of people bitching about a beta that hasn't had any fixes from updates in over a year.
That may explain why so many people have logged in hundreds of hours yet go back and still give the game a negative review.

If you read any of them to begin with, then you would find the most people who play DayZ love the game but have seen little to no progress in the games development. Warning people not to fund these devs any more for a game in such a broken state.

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FlameBaitGod1351d ago

Is that a joke ? A Sony owned company(meaning they have a lot of money to burn) losing to an indie in quality ? is it April 1 or what? If they do manage and lose, who ever was in charge should be fired.

Btw even with the bad reviews(which are the minority, it has a 85% positive review rate from 97 thousand reviews) That game usually has over 30k people playing constantly.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231351d ago

Indie? Bohemia Interactive are far from indie.

DayZ Standalone sold 1 million in the first week, something a lot of console games struggle to do in it's life.

Agent_hitman1351d ago

This game, The forest and Until Dawn are my most anticipated survival horror games for next year.

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