Thank You, CD Projekt RED, For Setting an Industry Standard

Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "If CDPR’s precedent is one that the rest of the industry takes to heart remains to be seen. It is, however, one that should become a commonplace standard."

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NerdStar71344d ago

Delaying game is better than releasing a buggy ass game.

Ark_1344d ago

I agree, but an appropriate timemanagement would prevent delays from happening in the first place.
Even better: What about calculating a big time buffer and make early releases or bonus material the industry standard?

Allsystemgamer1344d ago

They delayed it to iron things out and add more content. They want to deliver the best they can so why deny them that? I'm sure their time management is fine but when more ideas come to te table to improve the product would you rather them do what EA does?

Ark_1344d ago

Allsystemgamer, I don't deny them anything. As I said, I agree. If the delay leads to a better game, do it. And I am actually a fan of CD Projekt and their work. Nevertheless, better time management would do no harm for the industrie as a whole and would prevent the mass of delays we had recently.

hay1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Agreed, working in similar environment one can hardly stop himself from thinking that sub-par time management is one of those things that creates delays, which often relates to necessary improvements of inter-team communication. The other one is a return time, when a during asset or code development one needs to do additional work(parsing, converting) to see the change in-game.
Also the fact that they pay well only if you're really good and make them aware of it, doesn't motivate most people working for not as much as one would imagine.

CDP is run by professionals, they know the industry well, and are aware that delays are always more affordable than pushing buggy release.

joab7771344d ago

Hopefully they get a beeter gauge on the time.

Mt fear is that many times ot has nothing to do with finishing the game, but competition etc. In this case, the more next gen consoles sold the better.

-Ikon-1344d ago

Nah Sorry KojiPro is the industry standard. Games are almost always technically flawless. And they wont announce some fake release date for TPP just to get peoples hopes up for nothing.. thats why it still doesnt have one

bawabuhari1344d ago

All Nintendo exclusives are bug free patch free and super polished. Nintendo have already set the standards since in the 80's

Dudebro901344d ago

So one company delays a game, and now its an industry standard?


Testfire1344d ago

And like they're the first....ridiculous!

lameguy1344d ago

Yeah, wow... Wasn't Drive Club delayed twice by several months each time?

More recently, Dragon Age was shifted a month as well so yeah, The Witcher has set the "industry standard" in this regard.

FromTheAshes1344d ago

Did you Testfire and lameguy even read the article? They are commending CD Projekt RED...

"In an era of publishers and developers making a habit out of rushing highly-anticipated video games onto store shelves, CD Projekt RED’s decision to hold the closing chapter of The Witcher saga back until May 19, 2015 is one that is both respectable and a shining example of the precedent that should be set for the rest of the industry."

I wholeheartedly agree with this quote.

Baka-akaB1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Except even is "this era" it's hardly a precedent , as much as i love CD Projekt RED ...

Batman itself was delayed . It's laudable , but people are overreacting on account of what happened with Unity

FromTheAshes1344d ago


Overreaction from gamers has been quite the norm this gen. I think the self-entitlement of today's gamers is ridiculous at times but its still no excuse from "AAA game" developers releasing half done or broken games.

LamerTamer1344d ago

I just better not see any day one patches for this then. If the delay means a complete game that actually works without game breaking bugs and performance problems then yes delay away.

AndrewLB1344d ago

It should be considering how many companies in the past year released games that were nowhere near ready for prime-time.

One thing i've always liked about Valve Software is their company policy when asked about a release date for an upcoming game...

"When it's done!"

Yeah, it can be annoying when you've been waiting for what seems like a decade for HL3 after that cliff-hanger (excuse the pun) ending in Episode 2. But it's the smart business move so you don't trap yourself into arbitrary deadlines where you have to decide to either release a buggy game or piss off people who have been waiting for so long.

Sharky2311344d ago

So Sony, ubisoft, and a few others delay a game people bitch! Cd projekt does it and they set an industry standard. Nothing against them I think they're doing the right thing, but don't pretend they're the first!

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Activemessiah1344d ago

At least they're not Ubisoft....

cyclonus0071344d ago

Yeah...Assassin's Creed Unity and Drive Club were also that I think about it, most of the games I want in 2015 once had 2014 release dates.

All this means is the game has problems. Whether those problems will be fixed by the eventual launch remains to be seen.

jaymart2k1344d ago

Driveclub got delayed , look at how buggy that is.

A game delay doesn't always = bug free

Activemessiah1344d ago

It went from unplayable to bugfest... progress :P

Magicite1344d ago

at the moment driveclub is amazing game.

Palitera1344d ago

A game delay means troubled development. Nothing more.

But yeah, sheep minded gamers will always echo what industry shoves down them.

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