For the best Lara Croft experience, just add friends (review)

GamesBeat: "If you’re looking for an old-school retro dungeon crawler, Lara’s latest adventure might scratch that itch... The light puzzles and strong couch and online co-op elements make this game a hoot to play with friends."

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midnightambler1321d ago

I've got the special edition of this on order. Pretty excited for it.

darkronin2291321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I wonder if co-op will work with PS4's Share Play thing.

tanukisuit1320d ago

If anything, this game would be PERFECT for that.

idontgetit1321d ago

Played it at PSX -- had a ton of fun playing co-op!

NarooN1320d ago

I remember the Lara Croft game that came out a few years back that was like this, top-down co-op. Really really fun game, and a total blast in co-op.