Tekken 7 Tekken 20th Anniversary Video

IGN - Bandai Namco celebrates two decades of the fighting game franchise.

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Magnus1099d ago

I cant wait for a new Tekken title

PizzaSteve1099d ago

In 1994 I was 11. Don't really feels like it been that long. So many great Tekken games. Tekken 3 was my 1st. Tekken 7 bring it on.

boing11099d ago

Tekken is awesome! Release TTT2 remake for current-gen, Namco! Please! That's the only game I'm turning on my PS3 for.

DanaBlack1099d ago

Tekken > Street Fighter imo

jetlian1098d ago

More like 3D > 2D!! cant wait for this

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