LyteShot Interview with CEO Mark Ladd & CTO Tom Ketola

Mariah Beckman, GIZORAMA - "Using Bluetooth and WiFi, LyteShot gives players physical receivers and transmitters, not just access to devices that can be discovered. The initial premise behind these peripheral technologies brings to mind a sort of real-world assassin game, or laser tag. You can sink the battleship that is your friend using this untethered Duck Hunt style game.

LyteShot is excited about the implications of this type of game. They’re also excited because the technology behind LyteShot is open-source. This means that the limits of this kind of platform are only as minute as the imagination of developers. We sat down with LyteShot’s CEO Mark Ladd and CTO Tom Ketola to learn more about what’s going on with this newest offering from the virtual gaming community, and about what to look for in the months to come."

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