You Will Not Be Able to Create Music in Mario Maker

Koji Kondo revealed, in an interview, that you will not be able to create your own music in Mario Maker. However, Koji Kondo also talked about how Mario Maker will be a very special game, musically, for Mario fans.

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Big_Game_Hunters1317d ago

Wasn't planning on picking this up originally but it looks better every time they show it, might just have to cave.

3-4-51317d ago

The music in a level/stage is just as important as the layout or design.

What makes that memory of that level sink into your mind forever is the music.

Hopefully they include enough where I can make 50+ levels and have it feel like an original platformer game.

Big_Game_Hunters1317d ago

I just realized the article has a NOT in there, i think i'm being trolled because i swear that wasn't there originally. Either way still excited about this, hopefully we can still choose the music from the existing tracks.

Starbucks_Fan1317d ago

Didn't think they would. Glad they're putting in a variety of Mario music.

shaw981317d ago

Wasn't expecting one.

jholden32491317d ago

Hmmm, was anyone actually expecting to create their own music? I know I wasn't. I'm not musically inclined. I just wanna create stages and use the great music they provide.

Summons751317d ago

I think there may have been some hope because of how popular the Mario paint music creations are. Personally I was still thinking about all the trollishly hard levels people will be making on Miiverse to even consider music creation.

Pyro2000x1317d ago

Little Big Planet 3 is much better than Mario Maker because you can Make Mario in it.

LOL_WUT1317d ago

And have the music for almost anything in it ;)

Moonman1316d ago

Too bad it plays like LBP instead of the masterful Mario.

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The story is too old to be commented.