PlayStation Experience: Sony’s experimental mini-E3 was a resounding success

By holding a smaller scale E3-like event focused on all things PlayStation, Sony was able to control their messaging leading into the holiday season more closely than every before, and also steal much of the momentum Microsoft’s Xbox One has built up over the last few month.

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pat_11_51318d ago

I went in with low expectations, so perhaps that's why I was so impressed. I really do see events like this becoming the future of the industry though.

morganfell1317d ago

My expectations were not low and I was still impressed. I actually prefer this much less formal atmosphere over events such as E3 and Gamescom. Hopefully we will see more of these events. And the less catering to the so called and worthless press, the better.

darthv721317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Sony could do this on an annual basis. Like when MS would have their annual "X" events. Ms hasnt had one of those for a few years so who knows.

Next year I can see an Sony PS Experience 2015 and a MS X15. not sure what Nintendo would do (if they had their own event).

theshonen88991317d ago

@darthv72 Maybe they could do something crazy like putting a video directly online about their games. They could call it "Nintendo Direct."

darthv721317d ago

@theshonen... the ND are more limited in scope. Sometimes they reveal new projects but i see them as more of a reiteration of what is already known to be in the works.

and they are very scripted and controlled unlike a live event where anything could happen. but you are right...nintendo does at least have their own semi regular show online.

OB1Biker1317d ago

What's impressive is it was definitly a success and they still got plenty under wraps for E3 and other events

badz1491317d ago

it was a success until SE announced FFVII port for the PS4! what a huge let down!

XanderZane1317d ago

I agree that we might see more of these events from Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo in the future, especially if they are successful. I don't think this show stole any of the momentum from Nintendo or Microsoft. I have a feel M$ will keep the XB1 at $350 after the 1st week of January. Nintendo will most likely drop their price at the E3. Sales are going to drop for all 3 consoles after January though. That's normal. As for the Sony Experience, only a couple of surprises like Drawn To Death, Human Element, Yakuza 5 and Day of the Tenacle remastered. Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and SFV were all good. Wasn't completely blown away by the keynote though. Thought way to many Indies were shown and not enough titles we really wanted to see, like Last Guardian, GT7, Crash Bandicoot, Jax & Daxter or a Uncharter Remastered Trilgy.

miyamoto1316d ago

Glad PSX is an annual event now. I just wish they do this before Black Friday though.

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tastas211318d ago

Lol how liong until the Nintendo Expreinrece lol

C_Ali881317d ago

Ummm try 2 years ago....

nice try though!

tastas211317d ago

lol dat event sounds like it's for nintenderps and no one else3 ha.

C_Ali881317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

Okay? Point still stands they did it first...

Relientk771318d ago

I really liked it, wish I was there though to get all the PS Exp goodie bags, playing cards, and play the games

pat_11_51317d ago

The swag, other than the cool card, really wasn't great, at least that's what I was told. I didn't pick mine up.

SmokingMonkey1317d ago

PSex- loved it.

Annually going to watch it, how brilliant is it to have a show begging in December right before Holiday madness?

C_Ali881317d ago (Edited 1317d ago )

It was terribly boring.... Don't be delusional!

PaleMoonDeath1317d ago

"Me no like games"

Why are you here bruh?

MasterCornholio1317d ago

That's because you were expecting TV TV TV Sports Sports Sports.

I'm sorry that Sony disappointed you by bombarding us with games.

Maybe you should post on a site that provides news for TV\Movie watchers. I heard that Rotten Tomatoes is a good place to start.

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