PlayStation Experience Wasn't Much Of An Experience

The much-vaunted PlayStation Experience didn’t really yield a ton of surprise and enthusiasm. Did Sony miss a great opportunity?

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1076d ago

Yes it was. I enjoyed it very much. It was a great experience for gamers to have fun and enjoy Playstation. Also I really like seeing gameplay of lots of games.

Cupid_Viper_31076d ago

Let me translate the title for you guys.

"I desperately need clicks to pay the bills".....

Mechanism1076d ago

You think this self entitled, spoiled brat actually makes money from this blog/site? Ha.

JoGam1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Exactly. Look at it this way....What will attract most people?

Title A - Playstation Experience was a success!

Title B - Playstation Experience wasn't much of an Experience!

Click WTF / NO,

Dude probably sat home and watched it online with the rest of us. I refuse to click article to find out.

darthv721076d ago

here is the funny part. i was trying to watch it from home and i could not get the stream to work on my PS3 (via the browser) and there was no Twitch app on the PS3 that i could find.

So while I was trying to get it working...i was using the wii-u browser on the gamepad to watch (more like listen) and did end up getting the twitch app on my 360 to load up the event.

Lol...using my 360 to watch a PS event. but it worked with a few hicups in the video quality. It kept dropping to mobile level even though I kept requesting medium but that could be the result of my ISP.

I managed to come into the event kind of late and therefore only watched the last hour and half. What i saw was entertaining, especially bloodborne. But that FF7 announcement...WTF square?!?!?!?!?!!?

nix1076d ago

like clockwork, this is what i do:

read clickbait headline.
find out which site. (it's always the never heard ones)
down vote.
move on with life.

(except today, i'm typing my steps out)

breakpad1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

i also agree with the article ..ok U4 was good and SfV was a surprise but nothing non expected beyond that ...if they had revealed a Crash 4 or tLG would be a whole different experience

thorstein1076d ago


Playstation Experience Success was at 210 degrees and this one was at 250. Hopefully, the better written, more well thought out one will win over this lame clickbait.

thorstein1076d ago


Helpful Bubs for you, great job. I do the same.

mikeslemonade1076d ago

lol that is one of the reasons why I usually just click the N4G link and not the original source link. '

PS Experience was what..? $50 a day or the whole time?

That's well worth it in comparison to other shows.

Dee_911075d ago

Was pretty amazing to me.I was surprised to see the devs going into much more detail about the games and their thought process.

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HaveAsandwich1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Wtf is this dude talking about. It was pretty damn good. As good, if not better than E3. I'm not even an uncharted fan, but Uncharted 4 looks incredible. Off topic: They need to remaster the first 3, and put them on ps4. I want to go back and play them all, before 4. I never played any of them.

AngelicIceDiamond1076d ago

I disagree it was an experience. Sony once again bringing the compelling indies to the console.

There will always be something to play on PS4 thanks to the huge indie support.

FriedGoat1076d ago

Lol finding the stealth trolls is entertaining.

BlackTar1871076d ago

lol stealth troll has been busted out. Move on to the next article Angelic

AngelicIceDiamond1076d ago

Say wha?

Please explain. I'll be waiting.

Letthewookiewin1076d ago

There will always be something to play on PS4 with HUGE indie support and HUGE AAA releases. What the PS4 doesn't have Sunset Over Drive and Halo? So what.

HighResHero1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Derp de derpt derp. Ter hurr hurr de derp. Derppp derrr derp ter derp derpt. Derp.

BlackTar1871076d ago

I'll bite Angelic you're a pretty well known MS follower. Pretending like your comment wasn't a jab as PS4 being an Indie machine and failing to point out the AAA games it has going for it is pretty clear.

There i bit you're not fooling anyone.

AngelicIceDiamond1076d ago

@Tar Fair enough you think that.

I'm full aware of the AAA's releasing PS4. I just wanted to point out the indies. The strong continued support that Sony shows for them. Dungeon Defenders, No Man's Sky, Drawn To Death. Some of these don't even look like "indies" anymore imo and that's what I like about it.

No stealth trolling intended. Though allot will disagree and what not and wanna try and find some sort of trolling but since when do I give crap what everyone else thinks?

For me its take it or leave it. Believe me or not, it makes no difference to me.

Sevir1076d ago

Angelic! You sound like such a tool. Indie means independent... Sunset overdrive is indie game since the studio that makes it is an independent development studio NOT OWNED by a publisher. Indies come big and small. If you're not first party or third party, you're second party = Independent. Have a seat please.

TheFanboySlayer1076d ago

uhh I thought her comment was ok...I don't know her history though soo...idk I thought it was a good show.

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fermcr1076d ago

I expected more from PlayStation Experience.

Hellsvacancy1076d ago

So did I, the Uncharted 4 and Bloodborne gameplay was cool, but I already knew of their existence, there wasn't much else for ME as a gamer

telekineticmantis1076d ago

I kind of agree with the writer, because alot of that could of been done during the Game Awards, but after looking at it all, we got some good things from it.

XanderZane1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

It was about as good as Sony's E3. Uncharted 4 did look great and so did Bloodborne. Was nice to see a new Kings Quest and Drawn to Death was a pleasant surprised. Still Sony showed more indies, remastered or older games coming to PS4 and Vita then anything else at this show. No Man's Sky was pretty much the same as we saw it at the E3. There was a new trailer, but it pretty much showed the same thing. Fly to a planet, get out and walk around, jump back into the ship and fly away. What else can you do on these planets? Can you fight, build stations, farm materials and have space battles? How come we never see the pilots? The only real megaton was SFV being console exclusive. This is good for Sony/PS4, but bad for Capcom and the other millions of fans who would have played it on the XB1, PS3 and XBox 360. Capcom loses here in the end. The event was good, but it didn't blow anyone away. No Last Guardian, GT7, Deep Down, God of War, Rime or Helldivers, which fans were looking for. Guess we'll have to wait until E3 for all of that.

bmf73641076d ago

@Mech I used to post on a blog called RetroSpect Realm (site's now dead and I left because editor kept drastically changing all of my posts) but you can win Amazon gift cards for getting your sitelink clicked on enough.

My editor did some BS Half-Life 3 article that Pixel Enemy claimed plagiarism on and had us banned on N4G and we subsequently got hacked right after the new struck.

Eddie201011076d ago

Most everything said about the event has been good. First time I have seen this site.

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izumo_lee1076d ago

One of the reasons i heard why Sony set up Playstation Experience is that there is so much for them to show that E3, Gamescon, TGS aren't enough to showcase everything. Whether that is true or no remains to be seen but if it is than WOW! Sony must have a ton more to reveal & that is exciting.

In the past Sony is known for leaks & early reveals. Now they have been much more secretive about what they have behind the scenes. All this mystery is exciting don't you think?

It has only been a year since the PS4 was released. I get tired of bloggers and sites saying 'where are the games?'. The Playstation brand wasn't built in a year people! Are we so forgetting the previous Playstation eras already? The games will come & when they do there better be no complaint that there are too many games from these bloggers or gaming sites. We've seen it with the PSone, the PS2, the PS3 and we will see the games on PS4.

SmielmaN1076d ago

The last paragraph of your comment is probably right on. PS always has a light start for games and then the games just keep coming. It's possible that this will ring even truer this gem as they have a nearly 2:1 sell ratio to their direct competitor and business has been very good.

Bubs for you

Spid3r61076d ago

Most if not all where already shown at other presentations.... all we remember fr this event was Final Fantasy 7

gangsta_red1076d ago

But they didn't really show much or reveal anything that most of us here didn't already know.

I mean from all the stories leading up to this, it came off as if Sony was going to drop some more exclusive games that have not been announced yet.

The biggest reveal was SFV being on PS4 and PC only.
Other than that No man's Sky, Uncharted 4, Bloodborne and The Order...all games we already know about. More gameplay was shown but nothing more.

Drawn to Death...meh, maybe, but another arena shooter. Expected a little more from Jaffe honestly.

And what else was there? Day of the Tentacle? More indie PC ports? A friggin port of FF7, which everyone did a huge groan about?

Chalk this one up to another instance of overhype and expecting more than what the actual company really promised.

mark3214uk1076d ago

i didnt expect any new announcements till E3 so every announcement at PSEXP was a bonus to me

SmokingMonkey1076d ago

First 15 minutes was enough to make it a great "experience"

I love PSex! see what I did there!

Add in that TLOU caliber gameplay from The Order!
add in that literally unbelievable gameplay of No Man's Sky!
Long live the Vita!

the lowest point was probably what made this "writer" post this:

the FF7 reveal-LOL Square should of just shown some new FFXV gameplay and snuck in FF7 reveal.

tucky1076d ago

Nothing really new and no real surprises ... I really think I lost my time looking at that show.

Wake up Sony, where are all the promises???

SmokingMonkey1076d ago

The Forest?

Drawn to Death?

What else did you see in that crystal ball of yours?

XanderZane1076d ago

Human Element was actually a surprise. I forgot about that one. Don't think it will be exclusive on the PS4 though. Might be timed exclusive. Drawn to Death looks like an indie game. The Forest is just another survival game and there are plenty of those all over the market now. Nothing revolutionary about it and probably will be on other platforms as well.

Baka-akaB1076d ago

SFV alone was big news , even if leaked right before the event . And i dont see what's wrong with actually seeing in action games that were solely announced , guessed , or teased

The content was there , so long as you didnt expect outlandish stuff steeming from silly speculations like OMG FF7 remake , Titan Fall 2 , Legend of Dragoon 2 !! etc etc

kalkano1076d ago

I don't see why those are "outlandish".

Baka-akaB1076d ago

It was just examples and some of the stuff floating around , unsupported . I wouldnt put myself out believing any unicorn stories from dubious sources every new events

jacksons981075d ago

You already knew about Yakuza 5