Game of the Year 2014

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The past year has been a time of transitions. Consoles that once felt so new are slowly becoming the status quo. Game developers are rediscovering the value of original concepts, taking chances in an effort to stand out from the monumental, big-budget sequels. The lines drawn between genres have become so blurry, they're almost fading out of view. But even with all these waves of change rocking us to and fro, the greatest games of 2014 have kept us anchored to what we love about our favorite hobby: the incredible experiences that video games have to offer.

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REDBEARD1351d ago

For me this year in no particular order, DKCTF, Shovel Knight, Wolfenstein, Bayonetta 2, MK 8, South Park Stick of Truth, Infamous Second Son, Far Cry 4, and Shadow of Mordor are so far my favorites.

joab7771351d ago

Dragon Age is my GotY hands down. I love Hearthstone and it is an amzingly addictive game, but Bioware is back big time. I really like Destiny too, but I got burnt out by it.

burza19821351d ago

What is on about placing P.T. in that kind of rankings?

higgins781351d ago

Did I read this wrong, do my eyes deceive me? GOTY, Destiny? I think not. I'm not saying it isn't a worthwhile nomination in its particular genre, but NOT Game of the Year 2014, never. Mario Kart 8 is my pick, but yes, its was never going to be in contention while the self-proclaimed 'hardcore' rule the roost...bloody petulant adolescents.