Is Sony ready to launch 2.4?

"Is Sony ready to launch firmware version 2.4 tomorrow? What i mean by this is that almost every Playstation 3 owner will be up tomorrow awaiting the release of 2.4 as this is the most anticipated and talked about firmware update so far.

Lets hope we don't bring down the Playstation Network with the flood of traffic by downloading this new firmware and god knows what file size it is. I assume it will be a pretty hefty download"

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Fishy Fingers3820d ago

Why? And exactly what mods do you mean?

Lifendz3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

But in all seriousness, I'll be asleep but I'm going to leave my PS3 on so I can be amongst the first the download it. In-game xmb for the friggin win. PSN has come a long way from that generic web based design to the lush and sleek function it is today. Can't wait to see how much better it is a year from now (movies, tv shows, music, etc).

Capt CHAOS3820d ago

dashboard update. Don't the PS3 community have a similar problem?

Though I think that modded consoles are far fewer in this current generation.

Genesis53819d ago

Well I'm hoping they're ready. It's not like they rushed it out the door. It will probably be slow at first though because of the traffic.

shazam3819d ago

the ps3 has yet to be hacked and there is a single digit number of people on earth who are able to run pirated ps3 games

rushbd3819d ago

Hackers have failed .

Utalkin2me3819d ago

Well first off the only server problem there will be is in Europe, where all the ps3 owner's reside. The whole 5 people that own one in the US won't matter.

shazam3819d ago

im one of those 5! does that make me special?!

you are retarded

Yipee Bog3819d ago

I am also one of the five....... Do we get matching jackets???

I hope so because my xbox one is getting a little faded.

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GodsHand3820d ago

I agree schools out, meaning people are going to flood the network for the FW update. I have to wait until I get out of work, and see if I can still get it, and if I do hope it's not to slow to d/l.

I hope it's will be easy to get, as I've been playing warhawk. No update, means no playing online.

Lifendz3820d ago

I usually do the updates overnight. Just leave the PS3 running.

Yoma3820d ago

I think it will be the first time I ever use to download the update from their official site and do it throught memory card :)

joemayo763819d ago

good idea yoma bubbles for you

will113819d ago


I always do this cause by ps3 it could take me from 30min - 3 hours and i dont even want to think how long it will take for 2.40. So i WILL once again be downloading from the site.

yaboi3819d ago

im one of the 5 to.
i can't believe SCEA would put up that video
the other night for only five people.

what a dumbass

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PirateThom3820d ago

It won't be a "hefty download", it'll be the same size as the other firmware downloads.

Lifendz3820d ago

I think he was referring to the significance of the update and the fact that a good many people will be waiting to get 2.4.

Anyone remember the day the Heavenly Sword demo was released? OMFG it took forever to download it. Not because it was particulary big but because so many people were waiting to play the game.

Utalkin2me3819d ago

It shouldn't get flooded cause of 10 people.

ThatCanadianGuy3819d ago

Dude,for real.Your not even all.
just give it up with the pathetic jokes.

Dc4eVeR3820d ago

Why sony not prepare ?
omfg ...

This firmware is same flood of traffic by downloading like old firmwares ...

mistertwoturbo3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

That's very true.

It's not like people could optionally skip the other updates to begin with.

Domenikos3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

They already improved many aspects of the online capabilities in terms of download, e.g. GT5 P

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