Business Week's Wildstrom: "PS3 is a winner"

BusinessWeek's Stephen Wildstrom has one of the best jobs in the world -- he gets to play with the latest high tech gadgets and then talk about them in his Tech&You column every week. For the Dec. 4 issue, Wildstrom reviews what has become the envy of early adopters, hardcore fanboys, and extortion artists everywhere: the PlayStation 3.

While he states up front that it will take months to determine the success of PS3, Wildstrom declares Sony's new console a winner on the gaming front...

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Tut4400d ago

You should probabaly accurately quote his title saying "PS3 is a winner" instead of "PS3 is winner". It is very misleading and implies something that will start some heated flaming on both ends.

Regardless it is another individual's perspective and doesn't really account for news, although his view on the other media capabilities is interesting since that is his area of expertise.

Should probabaly trash this article.

Sphinx4400d ago

... and I apologize for missing the "a" as I'm sure gaming news requires such minute details be kept up on.

Tut4400d ago

I am not saying it wasn't interesting because it was. I just don't think the majority of the people on here with their closed minds can handle reading an opinion that isn't necessarily a reflection of theirs even though it has some good stuff in it. They will just be flame-happy and act like children.

It does have some interesting views.

videl4400d ago

of course is the ps3 the winner! it is the best hardware with the best games!

power of Green 4400d ago

I guess you're the only one that didn't get the news. I sorry that im the one to have to tell you ****** **gg8**** .

Sphinx4400d ago

This guy might think the PS3 is great, but he's not a gamer... in fact, he thinks the PS3 is great because of the games... which can mean one thing: he has no idea what he is talking about.

AuburnTiger4399d ago

If this guy has no idea what he's talking about, then why did you post it?

kornbeaner4399d ago

So he doesn't know what he talking about cause he likes the think about that. If he is not a gamer but can enjoy a platform because of the games it has, isn't that what it's all about. Thats nintendos whole concept with the Wii. To take none gamers and get them playing games. It's clear that you don't know what your talking about. I can care less as to what he has to say, at the very end of everything i am gonna have all three consoles in my household within the next year. But learn to how to trash a system before you start typing. If sombody who is not a gamer plays a platform because of the games, thats what all console makers are after new gamers that are gonna buy their system for fun.

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marcusfenix4400d ago

The PS3 will be the loser. It is being outsold by the Wii and 360, and the 360 is outselling all of them. I guess the launch of these consoles didn't hurt the 360's sales. It probably help the 360 sales seeing the lackluster graphics and games on the PS3.

BIadestarX4400d ago

Any real gamer knows not to take seriously a review made by a non-gamer. Considering the fact that Sony fanboys are not getting positive feedback from gamers or major game sites they have no choice but to stand by people like this one that knows sh** about games. Sony fanboys should be embarrass of using this guy comments to prove the PS3 is a winner.

kornbeaner4399d ago

to heart but realize that outside of delays and hiccups which have been huge let downs. NONE but a very select few of gamesites have really burned the acutal system to the ground. but comments by non-gamers can be more valueable then those by hardcore fans. Look at all fourms in this website. All MS fanboys swear 360 is the all that ends all. PS3 fans feel the same way about their system. There is really nothing but extreme fanboy posting across the board. why? because gamers of one cloth are a stubborn breed, theres no telling them that one system can possibly shell out as much fun as they have. Non-gamers have an unbiased commentary that really speaks more value then a biased gamer. If you don't want to take this guys comments seriously don't, just because he likes the PS3, but by the same token dont take comments made by the NYT and CNN serious just because they hate the PS3

DJ4400d ago

What world do you live in Bladestar? (and don't say the real world, 'cause you obviously don't live there).

Gh0stDrag0n4399d ago

You must be his neighbor in the "fake world".

BIadestarX4399d ago

Explain why 95% of your comments consist of disagreements. Only extreme fanboys such as yourself agree with anything you have to say.
Are you denying that the PS3 is overwhelmed with bad press? Of course you do. Which is why you my friend are a super fanboy. You are a Super Sayan level 20 fanboy.

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