Hideo Kojima teasing with Metal Gear Online PS4 dashboard screen

Hideo Kojima is teasing with screenshots of the Metal Gear Online L.A. studio showing and a shot of the online title on the dashboard of a PS4.

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DigitalRaptor1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Wouldn't be surprised to see him bring that to PS4 first, given his obvious preference.

GrandpaSnake1351d ago

not only that but mgo1 was pretty much a big beta and when mgo2 came out it also released with a beta on ps3.

Rimeskeem1351d ago

This game looks really similar to TLOU online.

You have to have strategy and a good team to win. It seems slow paced for the most part and is insanely stealthy.


hkgamer1351d ago

i think many team based mp games need strategy. but most people just like joining random games and just have random fun without much cooperation.

when i was playing the mgo beta i didnt really play tactically at all. maybe with odd random teammate we would be watching each others backs but didnt use mic.

never really played the full version so didnt know how much it grew.

anyways, would probably be fun no matter how you play it. we dont have to be serious in all online games.

paul-p19881351d ago

For the most part the full game was the same. Most people just ran to find the first enemy, shoot, run off again. Even data system (I forget the name but if you held triangle near a team member you could see if they were being attacked, you could see them through walls, send requests for help etc) was barely used by others, I made a point of using it because I liked the idea.

Hopefully the new one will be a bit different, but I doubt it as MGS:GZ was more run-n-gun than previous MGS games so I expect online to play the same way...

Jubez1871350d ago

I played the one that was on PS3, came with MGS4 or whatever. It was pretty much a mess. The controls made no sense. I come from SOCOM, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, CoD Search n Destroy, so I know tactical shooters when I see 'em..and the MGO that was with MGS4 was not very good at all.

I hope this one is much better, all it needed was a little modernization.

ps4gamer19831350d ago

How do u know it's like TLOU? Did u get to see the game running (aside from trailer)?

MGO2 was like TLOU, but MGO 3's trailer looked more like Battlefield which I think doesn't fit MGO well imo. Maps too big.

Rimeskeem1350d ago

I said it seems like it

2pacalypsenow1351d ago

would love this plus the metal gear saga VOl.3

Special-Agent-Milo1351d ago

Kojima please stop teasing meeee!

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The story is too old to be commented.