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IGN - Until very recently I thought of Dying Light as little more than the free-running zombie game from the studio that made Dead Island. And while parallels can be drawn – an exotic location gone to hell, brutal melee combat, copious loot, and legions of the peckish undead – so much of it feels fresh. Some exciting new mechanics and a darker, more sinister tone suggest Dying Light might succeed in carving out a new space in what is a crowded sub-genre.

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jobboy1232d ago

are they aiming for 60fps on consoles?

Relientk771232d ago

I just Googled: Dying Light 60fps

and they are indeed aiming for 1080p/60fps on consoles

Dannycr1231d ago

I played the demo at E3 on a Xbox One and it was definitely 60fps

kingmushroom1231d ago

nice, hey did you get to play during the night? i find it freaking terrifying.

Dannycr1231d ago


Unfortunately no. It was a timed demo (since the game is pretty much freeroaming, it had to be timed) so it was daytime only.

I did want to play the night part because of what they say (that it is harder and the monsters are way tougher)

Dannycr1231d ago

This is encouraging. When I played the demo it felt exactly like Dead Island, perhaps the same setting could fool you into thinking that. I'm glad that there is more to it. I want to experience the nighttime

CorndogBurglar1231d ago

Im really excited for this game. I loved Dead Island and didn't experience nearly as many glitches as others did, but it was still nit withiut its flaws.

I hope this game delivers.

medman1231d ago

I completely slept on this game. I didn't even realize it was releasing Jan. 2015 until a few days ago. It's looking really good, and with The Witcher and Bloodborne moving out of February leaving The Order as the only true big AAA in Feb. I can think of, I'm definitely considering picking this up when it launches.

Meltic1231d ago

look pewdiepie he have already a copy of the game. here is a gameplay footage from him Looks same as dead Island. You help people and doing quests but better graphics

Dannycr1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

I played it at E3 and it felt EXACTLY like Dead Island including the setting, except that it ran REAALLY SMOOTH (60fps) and the parkour made it more interesting to traverse. It seems that it may have some other stuff to separate it from DI.

Meltic1231d ago

When you played it on e3 did it look better then or now ?. From my perspective it looks waaay more polished now than in 2013

Dannycr1231d ago

It looked really nice back then, but the area I saw pewds playing looked better.

In these open world games, there are areas that look better than other for different reasons (not graphical) . It does look better, but back then it also looked nice.

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