Here's Why Batman: Arkham Knight will be the Best Batman Game

Robert Workman (Prima Games): Rocksteady Studios took the Batman franchise to new heights in the video game realm. In 2009 it unveiled Batman: Arkham Asylum, a surprisingly in-depth adventure that made great use of the Dark Knight's capabilities, as well as his wonderful toys. In 2011, the team returned with an even bigger and better sequel, Arkham City, which expanded Batman's playground as he battled villains in the hopes of uncovering a nefarious plot.

Both games defined how to do a comic book video game right, but we haven't seen anything yet. The team is saving its finest work for the forthcoming Batman: Arkham Knight, which will ascend to store shelves this June and wrap up the trilogy in style. We think it will be the biggest and best Batman game to date, and there are several reasons for this.

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JsonHenry1348d ago

I'm hoping the combat has a little more depth to it this time around. Other than that I am sure any fan of the first games will enjoy it as I know I will.

Rainbowcookie1348d ago

The environmental attacks is a start yup.

3-4-51347d ago

I'm just not hyped for this anymore.

I got really excited about Batman for like 3-4 months for some reason and played Arkham City & Origins...

They aren't THAT good......Tons of frustration and annoyance.

Solid games....decent story, but could have been so much better. The pacing in those games is terrible.

I hope this games is amazing though, it would be a good way to get people excited about batman again, what with the new films releasing in a year or so.

Minute Man 7211348d ago

Next year will be here before we know it, starting with Dying Light

Eldyraen1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

It is the next game I'm planning on getting and playing--if I ever finish ones from this past couple months. I still have a few PC games I need to get too which may wait till Spring holiday sales.

DL looks like fun and the story trailer looked great IMO.

DarXyde1348d ago

Here's Why Batman: Arkham Knight Might NOT Be The Best Batman Game:

People might expect too much and it can't live up to its hype.

I have faith in Rocksteady, but I wish people would just wait patiently without jumping the gun on quality. People say Destiny wasn't what they were expecting and I'd hate to see this game treated the same way.

CorndogBurglar1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

It wont be the best Batman game.

People are going to be pissed when they reveal the Arkham Knight to be The Joker. Or his clone. Or his cloned son. Or something to do with the Joker.