AW Hot Topics: Is System Hack an OP Scorestreak?

CoDAWPro covers one of the most controversial topics for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Is the System Hack scorestreak overpowered and in need of tweaking, or should it be left as-is? This website provides a few good points on why the streak is in desperate need of fine tuning.

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Lawboy21265d ago

Please do not nerf this this day of gaming everything is Op....I swear everyone cries about sucks but there is a perk so that u can't be hit with system hack its a must to put on this perk

Alduin1265d ago

Good point, there is a perk that cancels it out. Hard Wired, I believe? It's pretty much the only thing that perk is even good for.

ninjahunter1265d ago

Lol. That things like a 60 second flashbang. I usually use the S-12 and i still cant kill anything with that thing going. Then again that's probably to do with how bad the s12 is.

Alduin1265d ago

The S12 is indeed a very poopy shotgun.

ape0071265d ago

love this game, very polished and well made, it has that 3 year cycle polish feel to it but what i hate about it is

1- the outdated enemy death animation/interaction/physics

2- those aweful CoD ghosts player movement in online, enemies in mp and sp move very fast

3- SP linearity, the sp is good but come on, it's outdated, put more freedom

if they adress these 3 points, CoD will become Legendary again like it's CoD 1, CoD2, CoD 4 and MW2

AW is a good comeback after Ghosts, sledgehammer is talented

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1265d ago

i use system hack and i can freakin admit its given out too easily iv been in matches where the whole majority of the game was system hack hud screen hitting wave by wave of other players and its freaking annoying its just overused too damn much by everybody and theres a reason why and thats cause its given out like freakin candy.

Alduin1265d ago

Yeah this is one of my main gripes about the scorestreak - it's way too easy to get. Considering how powerful it is it should require more points to use in a match. If you're doing decent in a game of domination or any other objective-based match it's super, super easy to get it over and over again.

But, as someone mentioned above, you can cancel it out with a perk. Which is fine but I still think the streak itself is absurdly strong for how low of a tier it is.

famoussasjohn1265d ago

The problem with bumping up the points for it, you would be getting them near their other higher end streaks. Nerf the skull and x that takes over the screen and comes back every time you spawn and it's fine.

famoussasjohn1265d ago

It's not OP, but the death skull that appears each time you die needs to be toned down or removed. The sounds and sparks my exo shoots out is fine. It's tough to choose between toughness or Hardwired to prevent it from affecting you because toughness is almost essential to use.