NBA 2K15’s Third Patch Live on PS4, XB1 Soon

GoodGameBro writes, "NBA 2K15 has a brand new patch out, the third one, and it’s fixing an incredible amount of items. Annoyed by the MyTEAM timeout exploit? Gone. The zig-zag three-point cheese? Gone."

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dhendricks771347d ago

I can't get a shoe deal to save my life on this game... What is it I need to do to get one? Or can this be fixed on the next patch?

2pacalypsenow1347d ago

same here Im mvp won a title and made all star my 2nd year , still rocking walmart shoes

bonafide7321347d ago

Finally they fixed in game stat overlays didnt know what they looked like til today. They fixed alot. Now if they could just fix the rapid regression in My league. Everyone regresses too quickly.

Muzikguy1347d ago

I'm glad this sport doesn't interest me. How can a basketball game possible need so many patches?

bonafide7321347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

It's not about the sport. Its about that we now live in a day and age where its acceptable to release a game without extensive testing, knowing they can patch it down the line . Which is unacceptable to me.

I'm not a game tester but anyone who plays this game faithfully would have never let most of this stuff slip by testing. This goes for almost every game that is released.

Muzikguy1347d ago

I agree, that's what I was getting at