Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Coming to PS4

NeoGAF member De-mon has made an interesting discovery. The French version of Square-Enix's online store, the Square-Enix Boutique, accidentally published a page containing info about the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster coming to PS4. On the page was a box art and description of the game.


The Square-Enix site for the game has been taken down, but screenshots of the site have been uploaded.

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-Foxtrot1263d ago

Probably something they would do, it's why I held off buying the PS3 version, same goes for Kingdom Hearts Remix...although I finally got that because of the amazing collectors edition.

I hope they do a Steelbook for this.

Jubez1871263d ago

Been playing it on my PSTV, but I would get KH 2.5 on PS4 if they do it. Ugh those Seymour battles though >.>

WitWolfy1263d ago

I hate Seymore.. First trying to get those basted celestial weapons.. Sure is a bitch

Massacred1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )


this is just going to make people even more ANGRY about the PS4 exclusive

Final Fantasy VII thing. . .

FYI, we all need to relax a bit over this, was it Square Trolling, Yes in a sense, but maybe if this does well enough, they will see sufficient consumer demand to make a remake, besides is letting the next generation of PlayStation gamers play this really that bad of a a thing?

badz1491262d ago

A remastered version of a remastered games on PS4? and so it begins...


scark921263d ago

No! I just beat it! theres no way I am getting it again! I gave up the platinum! I aint doing no lightning dodging!

EmptySkyForm1263d ago

IKR, I did the choccabo and the lightning dodging too, it took forever! And leveling up every character maxed again? I have no idea why I feel the need to get this too. -_-

PoSTedUP1263d ago

didnt get this yet on vita, any good?. tryna beat ff9 atm, then i think im going for the FFIII remake they did for psp.

stragomccloud1263d ago

They really should've changed that. Dodging lightning 200 times is just stupid.

DeadlyOreo1263d ago

Did the lightning first time, the chocobo race was annoying as hell. However, having to start a whole new save file because I was missing one al-bhed primer was infuriating.

Transporter471263d ago

The only thing im missing for my platnium is the lightning dodges.

user55757081263d ago

i refuse to do the lightning dodging. only time i did it was with emulator and save states.

as for ffx HD on the vita...they just want an excuse to charge $40 for the game again

WildArmed1263d ago

Did them both.. chocobo was Ok.. but dat lightning.

And I doubt they can make the game look any better, so no PS4 version for me.

CaptianUsopp1263d ago

i used to think that the lightning shit was impossible, and i dreaded the day when i didn't have any other choice but to do it. because i really want that platinum trophy of my favorite game. how do i know you can do it? because i finally did that shit! greatest day in the history of mankind. there is a place on thunder plane where the lighting strikes every time you move over there. so go back an forth until you have a rhythm, with the no encounter weapon on its just matter of time. sure you will fail when you have 195 dodges, like me. but don't give up! you will do it! i believe in you! now GO!

/Captain Usopp

bangoskank1262d ago

Same. Got all summons and weapons in this game when it came out for the ps2. Loved it then but don't need to play it again. I would play FFIX and XII again however. Would like to see those remastered but won't get my hopes up.

GameSpawn1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

There is a trick to the lightning dodging. There is a flash every time before the lightning strikes and a spot that hits 100% of the time and once you get the timing down it can be easy but still time consuming (I did it after a few failures on the PS2).

As far as Platinuming, these games rank up there in difficulty only due to the sheer amount of obnoxious time involved and mindless hours spent grinding.

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Magicite1263d ago

Me too, havent bought FFX,KH1+KH2 Remasters, but I really want them. But if its true, that they are coming to PS4, Ill just keep waiting.

bjmartynhak1263d ago

Waiting for Kingdom Hearts Remix on PS4 too.

TheOnlyMastrx1263d ago

I just got the first Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMix, will wait to see if they bring those to PS4 before I go out and buy 2.5

Hopefully they do, I don't have a PS4 yet but Kingdom Hearts ReMix's would be a nice game to start with when I do get one.

nitus101263d ago

I very much doubt I would get FFX and FFX-2 for the PS4 since I already have the games for the PS2 and since I have an original FAT PS3 those games look really good on my HDTV.

Don't get me wrong FFX was a really good game but like most but not all FF games is fairly linear. Personally I still preferred FFXII since it has huge maps and IMHO was a much more open game than all the FF games I have ever played.

Remasters of earlier games are quite good for those people who don't have the original game and would like to play them on their PS3 and/or PS4, however many PS2 games do display (via the original FAT PS3's) rather well on a decent size HDTV and the gameplay is pretty much the same.

zero_gamer1263d ago

Eh, if this collection has a separate list of trophies, I may buy it (used, mind you). The PS3 version I bought when it came out is good enough otherwise. Though I am really concerned about all the double-dipping that Square-Enix has been pushing for this new generation of gaming. Makes me wonder why Square-Enix even bothered with the PS3 at all if they know the PS4 would've been better for the collection, but then again their agenda is to double-dip.

I've said this a year ago when they announced TR Definitive Edition that the market will be flooded with so-called definitive remasters. I don't mind saying "told you so." There's going to be plenty more where they came from. Then comes a cheap port FFVII PC version, as seen on PSX.

antikbaka1263d ago

don't think there was a point into not buying both those games for ps3. ps4 price is gonna be higher but graphics quality the same

x5exotic1263d ago

Dude Fuck FFX seriously, I'm getting sick and tired of them milking the most emo and melodramatic game again and again.

When are they remaking XII?

Gamer19821263d ago

Glad I held off on PS3 version in fact not bought a ps3 game since I got my ps4 but really fancied this so am glad it's coming out on ps4 that and the ff13 collection for pc.

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rajman1263d ago

Square Enix took down the link to the game...plot thickens

Relientk771263d ago

Are we gonna call Scooby Doo and the gang, to solve this mystery

NikX1263d ago

Or better yet how about Sherlock Holmes? ;)

Relientk771263d ago

^yeah or assign Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law to the case

Marcello1263d ago

Well after that FF7 port announcement i think a Psychiatrist is needed more than anything else.

Hopefully this is true, FFX on PS4 would be nice if they add some stuff like Dolby 5.1 Surround which was not added to the PS3 rls for some odd reason. Knowing Square though, it will just be a straight port of the PS3 version with nothing added.

Muzikguy1263d ago

I didn't get the Kingdom Hearts games so if they came to PS4 I'd buy them up right away! It would be a shame though it they were just straight ports. SE is getting so greedy lately

Snookies121263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

The Kingdom Hearts games are fantastic in HD. Although, there are several small issues with 2.5 unfortunately (doesn't make it any less of an incredible collection though). Hopefully if they are released for PS4, those small issues will be worked out.

WeAreLegion1263d ago

This won't fill the Final Fantasy VII HD-shaped hole in my heart...

...but it will help.

nitus101263d ago

If you have the original PS1 version you can play it on your PS3 if you have one although it may not look all that great on a decent sized HDTV.

There is supposed to be a FFVII HD (PC edition) coming to the PS4 though.

WeAreLegion1262d ago

Thanks, but I already own that version. I was alluding to the total troll Square Enix pulled the other day.

Massacred1262d ago

Hahaha I have a feeling this is just going to make people even more angry

TricksterArrow1263d ago

Interesting. So Final Fantasy X HD re-release on PS4 deserves a footnote, while Final Fantasy VII "HD" re-release deserves a stage presentation. Huh.

Transporter471263d ago

Just consider that a ps2 game looks so much better than a ps1 game.

mydyingparadiselost1263d ago

Guess I can scratch Milk of the grocery list...

Relientk771263d ago

Milk spoils, video games don't

mydyingparadiselost1263d ago

I wouldn't be so sure about that...
*Smells Silent Hill HD Collection*