Xenoblade Chronicles X And The Twitter Strategem

Xenoblade Chronicles X developers Monolith Soft may have hit onto the perfect strategy for advertising games like this.

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Moonman1347d ago

Nice strategy. Hope more get hyped to this game. Wii U has so many 2015 gems.

3-4-51346d ago

Two of the best Open World Games ever created COULD POTENTIALLY be on the Wii U.

Never thought that would be a reality honestly....IT's kind of odd to think about, but also kind of cool.

* If your going for pure realism, PS4/XB1 will probably have the most realistic looking open world games when it's all said and done.

But if your going for Art Style and overall feel of a game, the Wii U is more than capable of giving us what we games.

Still need to play the first one.

DryBoneKoopa851347d ago

Extremely stoked for this game! Can't wait!

just-joe1346d ago

Would you say you're really feeling it?

Tales RPG addict1347d ago

Stoked for this game for than FFXV. Man Squeenix just can't get it together.

Big_Game_Hunters1347d ago

I'm going to feel like a child on Christmas when this game releases. Thank you Takahashi for keeping us posted.

juaburg911347d ago

My most anticipated game in yeaaaaaaaaaaars! Monolith is amazing devs!

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