In a world of unfinished games, The Witcher 3 delay is a blessing

Video games have been an utter tragedy lately. Halo: The Master Chief Collection lies in ruins, plagued by online problems, framerate issues, matchmaking woes and more. Ubisoft and Assassin’s Creed Unity were in a similar boat with a questionably unfinished game loaded with glitches that paled in comparison to its predecessor. Now, with the announcement that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been delayed to May 19th, 2015, what should instill a feeling of discontent is actually more akin to a sigh of relief.

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lifeisgamesok1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Delays are good when the product launches complete I agree but sometimes there are downgrades or the game still has problems like with Driveclub that was delayed almost a year

Hopefully the Witcher 3 is good. I have a feeling it will be

the_dark_one1196d ago

really dude?? every single comment you make has to have something to do with ps4, downgrade here, downgrade there, downgrade everywhere. maybe thats the only word you know.
but well, i have been in this website long enough to know you are troll of first class against anything ps4. are you guys that insecure about your system that you need to make your life around saying crap about ps4???

OT delays are annoying, true, but i rather have a game bug free, then a freaking technical mess like we have seen this year with many releases

blockcoc1196d ago

I don't see anything wrong with his comment seeing as it is true.

guyman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

This guy is deluded and is a complete hater, basically, reading his comments are a waste of time \.


This is great for the order 1886. After a great demo at psx, and the delay for the witcher, sales for the order will be even higher. RAD deserve it. I am kind of disappointed by this delay, however, im confident CD project red will deliver on their vision and produce a masterpiece.

JsonHenry1196d ago

I love the fact this "the_dark_one" is so butthurt that he follows this guy around and reads all his comments. hahahahaha

On topic- the guy is right. This sort of thing happens way to often now. But even if they have to downgrade the visuals from what we've watched so far on consoles the game will most likely still look good and be fun to play.

MysticStrummer1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

@blockcoc - "I don't see anything wrong with his comment seeing as it is true."

You should feel the same about dark_one's comment then. What's wrong with lifeisgame's comment is exactly what dark_one said. He ignores any XB1 problem but always has time to mention a PS4 problem. It's just what he consistently does.

OT - That sucks, but I'm ok with it.

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Master-H1196d ago

Speaking of delays, guess which game you love absolutely needed one....Halo Collection.

Maxor1196d ago

Nothing wrong with what the OP said and he's probably right. This game could be heading to down grade territory. On the PC at least this isn't an issue. Project Red have a proven record of supporting their games well after release.

blockcoc1196d ago

@MysticStrummer No one mentioned xbox though. I don't care enough to check his post history. This is not personal. Even if he is the biggest fanboy ever, it does not take away from his statement. He just gave an example of a delay that still did not stop a broken mess coming out.

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Kingdomcome2471196d ago

When May rolls around I'll be happy that they took the extra time, as opposed to rushing it to retail. February is going to have other great games, so the sting is lessened. They did promise that there wouldn't be any more delays, though. So it kind of sucks.

AudioDop31196d ago

I think this delay will be good for the game, plus it'll give my wallet sometime to breath because Feburary will be less packed now.

medman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I'm with you...I was more than willing to buy The Order, The Witcher, and Bloodborne all in February, but actually finding time to play them was going to be the problem. Problem solved. I can enjoy The Order, Bloodborne, and The Witcher at a reasonable pace without feeling like I'm rushing through to get to the next it even opens up the possibility of me buying Dying Light (a game I was completely overlooking until seeing the ps experience presentation) in late January now as that February schedule is not so packed now.

Sidology1195d ago

Note that Bloodborne has been pushed back to March.

JJShredder1196d ago

Just my opinion but this game should easily take GOTY as long as it stays free of technical issues.

More time for Bloodborn!!

Greyfoxdbz1196d ago

There seem to be a lot of people on high horses around here saying stuff like "graphics don't matter" and "why is everybody talking about downgrading". But they don't seem to realise that context is important. In a game like The Witcher which is known for great graphics and has indeed mind-blowing trailers to show it, it is a little annoying when the subsequent trailers are very underwhelming and don't inspire the type of excitement the earlier ones did. Graphics don't ALWAYS matter, however they do when you have been promised something greater. I want to explore a graphically rich world, not be pulled out of it by graphical inconsistencies. I want to explore the beautiful world they showed in the e3 trailers. I'm glad they delayed it. they have obviously encountered some problems and will wait patiently.

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