Uncharted 4 on PS4 has Working Gun Straps, Inverse Kinematic Fingers; Dev Praises Details & Fluidity

With the release of the new and impressive gameplay footage of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Naughty Dog developers are also explaining what you saw during the presentation and the technology involved. Lead Animator Jeremy Yates provided more color on on the game’s animations.

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Relientk771260d ago

This game is gonna be beast when it finally releases

I hope Drake has more new tools too. That grappling hook is a damn good start, here's to hoping there's atleast a few more.

UKmilitia1260d ago

iwant to know where he put hisa torch when he was jumping because i think it needs an animation adding because it looks crap with whatever happens.
apart from that i was mind blown

purpleblau1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

does anyone think that the mountain in the background looks like a head of a snap turtle? Devs team has purposely done that, I think.


jb2271260d ago

It actually looks like a shark, mouth open coming out of the water…if you pause when he reads the note, it mentions a shark attack, so I'm guessing there is some kind of Shark lore at play here that ties the mountain into the narrative.

Transporter471259d ago

Looks like a dragon to me because of the fangs.

lifeisgamesok1260d ago

Uncharted 4 sounds like it'll be a good game

Even though it isn't the leap in graphics many expected the gameplay does look good

I'd probably buy it if I had a PS4

MasterCornholio1260d ago

Well if you want it that badly get a PS4 then.

Septic1260d ago

Its a definite must buy if you have a PS4. Its a system seller for a reason.

SmokingMonkey1260d ago

Stealth troll is not stealthy.

"sounds like it will be a good game" LOL!

Like, I guess, or could....or cloud.

Omran1260d ago

yeah halo sounds like it will be an ok game

ABeastNamedTariq1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Why are you here fam? Smh

EDIT: said "you are" lol

Clunkyd1260d ago

The amount of salt that this xbot is trying to hold in, LOL

medman1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

Isn't it funny how the uneducated gamer makes pronouncements on what a game is or isn't based on pre-alpha footage? The biggest takeaway from the demo shouldn't be the graphics, it's the animation and movement of the characters, the a.i. on display, and the level design. Anyone who has played previous Naughty Dog games already knows they'll make it beautiful. That is already a given. My next point of interest from Naughty Dog and Uncharted is what they're doing with the multiplayer component. I'll wager it's going to be phenomenal.

Harold_Finch1260d ago

The HUD is, to me, the biggest change. Nice to see a cleaner UI with less Brown guns lol

BitbyDeath1260d ago

I want to see that level in multiplayer, would be a blast to play, the design reminds me of uncharted 2 Mp levels rather than 3 where multiplayer felt... generic.

Rainbowcookie1260d ago

There's so many other things going on the wind/AI/neck muscles etc it might not yet be the E3 demo , but to say it's not a huge leap I ask you to watch it again.

Ju1260d ago

It amazes me that we are so "toned" down already by HD graphics that nobody realized the subtle details any more. Hair - not just on one character - was impossible to do not even a year ago (TressFx was first - but only used on one character), the facial animations are insane. The fully interactive vegetation is becoming standard (and was done in AC before) but here it actually transparent when the camera drops. Not to mention that the Nathan shirt actually shows sweat. I guess out brain filters those things out because we are so used to them in our daily environments, but actually creating those was impossible not to long ago. I rather think this level of detail hasn't been seen in any video game to date. It is quite impressive. I am quite shocked how the downplaying of all this has already started. Give ND some credits please.

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JMyers1259d ago (Edited 1259d ago )

How can it be a leap in graphics when the game is still 11 months away. It's not all about graphics, it's the game play tweaks and additions to animations and combat.

PS3 gamers were spoiled by UC2, God of War, Heavy Rain, Beyond etc... Exclusives which looked incredible. This game will look great, play great, and have an amazing story. Its beta gameplay. Imagine the finished product?

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Immorals1260d ago

Next gen fingers confirmed

IWentBrokeForGaming1260d ago

I want to see how Gears can respond to Uncharted... The standard of quality for third person shooters is raised... Especially with The Order!

WeAreLegion1260d ago

I guess we'll have to see how Black Tusk does with it. I love Gears. I hope they do it justice.

IWentBrokeForGaming1260d ago

The story needs a ton of work, & online needs to capture the essence of Gears 1. Gears was the main franchise that sold me on 360... If they can get the franchises s#!t together... It may get me to buy a One!

Transporter471259d ago

i am also waiting to see gears. The first Gears of War mulitplayer is my favorite before the stupid updates that broke it.

ABizzel11260d ago

It really depends on what artstyle and framerate they aim for.

Are they sticking with the Gears 3 artstyle, or are they going for realism. Realism looks graphically more impressive to most if it's pulled off well, otherwise artstyle is the better option stylistically and performance wise.

Multiplayer is likely 60fps, but if campaign is 30fps, then it could look a bit better than Uncharted to most people simply because of realism (realism is easier to sell than artstyle, unless the artstyle is really amazing). But if it's 60fps as well then at best it'll be close to Uncharted alpha footage (remember Gears campaign is now 4 player co-op).

So IMO, if they try to push graphics and realism at 30fps, expect Quantum Break level of graphics (although Uncharted 4 is a more polished game graphically as of both showings, QB just has a look of realism, that people expected from UC4).

If they try to push art-style and 60fps, expect Uncharted Alpha level graphics.

BitbyDeath1260d ago

Gears is still 2 years away. ND will likely push the bar even further with a new game by the time it releases.

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