Neil Druckmann talks The Last of Us movie, cut content, the game he most like to remake and more

In a panel at PlayStation Experience, Neil Druckmann talks about The Last of Us movie, cutting a special content out of the game and more.

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SaveFerris1348d ago

Author, the article has the word 'Thief' spelt incorrectly in the article.

Alicornium1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Welll waht A shayme taht iz is'nt it?

Kurisu1348d ago

The Last of Us film will have to be something really special if it hopes to live up to its name! Personally I think they should leave it well alone but hey, I'm no Hollywood director.

Galletto31348d ago

I'm more afraid its going to take the WW Z route. Basically water down a zombie movie to make it digestible for pg-13 audiences. I mean that movie is Pitt's highest grossing one, so studios might think that's what people want. The game dealt with mature themes (and even "taboo" in the DLC), so I think a studio would mistake that for a "Dad saves the day over and over" boiler movie. All spectacle, none of the soul.

Or worse, the movie could follow in the footsteps of all the other video game movies over the years *shudder*. Sure we might enjoy them, but they aren't going to win any academy awards.

I think a series like this, with such a rich world, would benefit from a TV series. Not like TWD, but more along the lines of something HBO would show.

joab7771348d ago

I hope it isn't taking too much of ND'S time or resources. I could care less about a movie. In all honesty, it can only fail.

I'd rather they keep their foot on the gas and give us what we want, the best games in the industry.