The Game Awards Were Good and We Needed That

This year's new video game awards show displayed something that those in previous years failed at. It was pretty well done. And we as gamers needed that.

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Romudeth1290d ago

While this was indeed the best VGAs ever produced, it was still a sham. The whole show was basically a way for Geoff Keighley to make his money back. EVERY award ended with a commercial for that game. This is the kind of stuff people talk about when it comes to corruption in the industry.

Until we have an awards show NOT headed by Keighley and one that isn't funded by game companies and publishers, this show will always be a complete mockery of gaming.

Venomousfatman1290d ago

I disagree whole heartily. If you honestly believe that the show was a shame or just a ploy for Geoff, than you really didnt watch the show and try to enjoy it. You didn't really see why this show was SO MUCH BETTER than all the VGAs.

I think the presentations and the way the show was handled was great. It put gaming in a super positive light and showcased gaming as an evolving medium. Which is what EVERYONE had been complaining about and asking for during all the VGAs and VGX.

Romudeth1290d ago

I couldn't try to enjoy it because it was crap. Three hours of "Let's see who can give Keighley the most money." GTFO of here with that.

Profexxion1290d ago

Considered a "Celebration of gaming", I think it did a good job. Some very deserving games walked away with awards and I was entertained throughout. Unfortunately for them, Sony blew everything out of the water the next day. Unfortunate that Microsoft didn't drop a megaton during the show, but maybe that was for the best.

HisRoyalFlyness1290d ago

Hands downs it was the best Video Games Awards, but it like saying it was the best smelling turd.
Maybe it'll get better with and mature into something respectable

Romudeth1290d ago

The only way that will happen is if Keighley has no involvement whatsoever.

Venomousfatman1290d ago

I dont think so. I think the quality of the show and how it comes off to the audience has nothing to do with Kieghly being involved or not. He hosted the show and funded it yes, but I think he had a real good vision of how he wanted to make it.
It definitely is much better now that Spike/GT isnt involved with it. I think that may have been more the problem with previous shows, rather than Kieghly himself. Some of the dumber aspects of those award shows may have come from other people who were putting up the money on Spike/GT's behalf.

Ickythump311290d ago

what's your beef with keighley all about?

rbailey1290d ago

The show was alright but way too long for my liking. A 90 minute show tops should be the format they roll with next year.

andrewer1290d ago

Geoff Keighley was the worst part of it. The rest was awesome.

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