Nintendo of America’s David Young: No Amiibo Figures Have Been Discontinued

Nintendo Everything writes: "The recent concern appears to have been for naught, as Nintendo of America’s assistant PR manager David Young says that the company hasn’t discontinued any figures. View his full response above."

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diepdiep1346d ago

Glad we got an official response from somebody at Nintendo. Hopefully this will shut up all the idiots who started the rumors.

Toon_Link1346d ago

Too bad they didn't clarify this quicker. Go check ebay the marth amiibo is selling like hot cakes for almost 40 dollars minimum. I'm sure nintendo would rather sell them a new figure instead of letting people go nuts on ebay and them never see a cent from it.

Vegrad4151346d ago

I agree with you, but I wouldn't be so quick to say it's idiots spreading rumors.

Who do you believe? They both claim to have come from Nintendo. I think it is telling though that Amazon is no longer even directly selling WFT, Marth, and Villager. Not out of stock, not pre-order, but completely gone, with only third-party sellers. That doesn't seem to bode well.

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

There's still an article from Wired that is trying to contradict this, but the article cites no source other than it being from a Nintendo rep as well, so it sounds like it's just an article that is using info from before this confirmation came out.

I won't bother linking to it because this pretty much makes it irrelevant, but you can find it on mynintendonews if you really care.

So, yeah. Glad to hear there aren't any discontinuations in the works.

Vegrad4151346d ago

Unfortunately the info in this article is actually from yesterday. As far as I can tell, it was originally a tweet from Mushroom Kingdom Gaming League. The wired article came out today, so it at least seems to be newer information. I am hopeful none will be discontinued, but it doesn't look good so far.

wonderfulmonkeyman1346d ago

It may have came out today, but it was likely held till approved since a couple of days ago, and we've got multiple other websites telling us that they're not being discontinued.
That on top of the lack of a source means I can't trust Wired's article.

Ninte1346d ago

Now can some one tell us if the game cube adapter are coming back

Blink_441346d ago

They were in stock on earlier hopefully.

Vegrad4151345d ago

There is now a GameSpot article stating that less popular characters will be discontinued after their initial run. The article does not source Wired, instead saying Nintendo spoke directly with GameSpot.

vengeance1345d ago

All these reports of Nintendo dropping amiibo characters and discontinuing the game cube adapter are all just click bait, think about it, even if Nintendo had planed on a limited run of these things the demand for them would change their mind, contrary to popular belief Nintendo aren't idiots and they don't hate money.

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