20th Anniversary PS4 Sells for $20,000

GameSpot - Super-rare commemorative consoles appearing on eBay and selling for huge premiums.

Given that the consoles are officially sold out, bidding is trending well above the system's standard $500 asking price. One 20th Anniversary PS4 sold for $20,100.

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eagle211169d ago

To think when $599 was a price gamers scoffed at. lol

TomShoe1169d ago

This is a fake, trolls are bidding up the price and won't pay it when the auction ends.

The worst part is that eBay doesn't do anything about this.

kreate1169d ago

Didnt they implement the 3 strike and ur account banned policy?

Or can u just make multiple accounts and do a work around?

Relientk771169d ago

Paying $20,000 for this on eBay, that buyer was hoping for the 1/12,300 PS4?

I knew theyed fetch high prices on eBay, but I didnt think $20,000 high lol

NegativeCreep4271169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

Dammit I knew I should have taken that trip to Vegas this past weekend. If I could have secured one at the PSX I would have gladly sold it for that much of a mark up. 20 grand that's practically a brand new hybrid Ford Fusion...or just a wild Vegas...LOL.

kreate1169d ago

Ill take the ford fusion.

Dasteru1168d ago

Yeah but who in their right mind buys a Ford? A friend of mine bought a brand new Ford pickup about 8 years ago and went on a road trip with it the day after he bought it. Going down the freeway at 100kmh and the entire engine block just drops out the bottom onto the pavement.

kreate1168d ago (Edited 1168d ago )

Ur not suppose to go on a road trip with a brand new car the day after ubought it.

It saids it right there in the owners manual which ppl dont read.

The engine is too new and the fluids hasnt circulated yet.

Major damage on the engine to go on the freeway 100kmh the day after u bought it.

Dasteru1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

It only says that for legal reasons. Every other car manufacturer on the planet breaks in their engines before installation. Also that has nothing to do with the mounting brackets which were the part at issue in that instance. Fords are poorly designed, poorly manufactured junk.

colonel1791169d ago (Edited 1169d ago )

This is stupid. Why did Sony only make 12,300? First they will keep at least the first 100, then give many of them to the media for unboxing purposes and stuff like that, then more of them to people close to the industry (developers, etc).

Of course most of the people that purchased one (or more than one) was to sell it on eBay, not to keep it.

Sony should have made the bundle available for everyone for a limited time. It's a color change, so it should have been easy.

-Foxtrot1169d ago

They gave off the impression though it was for everyone, they announced the damn thing on the EUROPE PS blog with the price in Euros.

I mean...I just don't understand

AlphaBlackWolf961169d ago

I think that's more because Europe is their strongest and most valuable market.

AdmiralSnake1169d ago

Because they wanted to make only 12,300, this is not a hard concept to understand. This happens with almost any product, most commonly with sneakers. Limited amount, those who can get it will, price shoots up due to how limited it is.

It happened with the Uncharted 2 fortune hunter collectors edition.

Angeljuice1169d ago

Its a limited edition, therefore the whole point of it is to be rare and garner more media attention. If one sells for $20,000, that creates column inches which is great publicity for PlayStation.

Had they watered down the edition in the manner you suggest, it would have lost virtually all of its impact.

colonel1791169d ago

You are right that at least it gives great publicity for Playstation, but I think that, even though, I am not against a truly limited edition PS4, the way it was handled was not the best.

rajman1169d ago

Obvious fake bids are obvious, there's buy it now prices much lower then that

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