Get a whole year of PS Plus for £30.00, that's 2015 sorted

Dealspwn: PlayStation Plus unlocks PS4 multiplayer, lets you download free PS4, PS3 and Vita games on the Instant Game Collection and grants access to a hosts of discounts. The extra value can't be denied, and this is the cheapest we've seen it in yonks."

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Blues Cowboy1101d ago

It'll pay for itself soon enough with the instant game collection

XisThatKid1101d ago

Too bad for U.S., I'd Be all over this!

Blues Cowboy1101d ago

@XisthatKid: Out of interest how much does 12 months usually cost Stateside? At exchange rate £30 works out at about $47.

UKmilitia1101d ago

£30 is the basica rate of PSN,who the hell pays more.
my last psn year was £23

paul-p19881100d ago

Where did you find it for £23? I got mine from cdkeys for about £33 last year so I might have to pick one up if I can find it that cheap!

Volkama1101d ago

Does Dealspwn literally exist to highlight good deals?

They missed some good ones on G2A last week.
TLOU 14quid (PS4)
AC Unity £18 (One)
AC Black Flag £6 (One)

Well worth checking CD key sites shortly after a console bundle with a digital download has done the rounds.

Blues Cowboy1101d ago

Yeah, serial key resellers are always good for a bargain. Usually get PSN and Xbox Live Credit that way!

slappy5081101d ago

£30 for a free game every month for both my vita and ps4? yes please!

angelsx1101d ago

If I could play multi without ps+ never going to buy it.So disappointed with the free games. FIRST and last game witch I downloaded was Trine.If you like indi games is ok but I hate them.

Blues Cowboy1101d ago

No offense, but if you hate indie games, why did you buy a PS4 rather than wait until next year? Sony were up-front about the fact that they were releasing loads of awesome indie games to fill the gaps until the big first-party releases.

UKmilitia1101d ago

and im glad they did release loads ofd indie games because there is alot of game me and kids have enjoyed which i wouldnt of bought.

angelsx1101d ago

Blue Cowboy

I bought ps4 only to play Battlefield 4 on next gen.Almost 1080p 60fps.I don't care how many disagree will get.That's my opinion.

Blues Cowboy1101d ago (Edited 1101d ago )

@angelsx: Fair enough. :)

EDIT: Argh, meant to reply to "I bought ps4 only to play Battlefield 4 on next gen"