Destiny: Everything You Need to Know Before You Play The Dark Below

Destiny's first DLC, The Dark Below, arrives tomorrow. Here's everything you need to know before jumping back in!

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Toon_Link1315d ago

This is a little late to the party, it's out now!

martinezjesus19931315d ago

Idk if I like the new changes to the way we purchase weapons and armor from the vendors. We now need commendations or whatever. And if I did my research right, we only get one everytime we level up in either crucible or vanguard? I have put in over 200 hours into it, and I've defended this game on almost every post on here but having to do that will just be a drag.

Stapleface1315d ago

Right, and where are my 14 commendations for my previous Vanguard levels? I guess it's to hell with the people who actually put time into the game. But I won't complain too much. The commendations are a pain, other than that I like the new stuff. My biggest issue as that I was still half asleep while checking it out this morning and I bought the wrong gauntlets. Kind of sucks the Raid gear is almost useless outside of the Raid now though.

kneon1315d ago

My vanguard levels are 14, 5 and 4 and just last night I hit 14. I would have waited had I known about these commendations, but I never saw that mentioned anywhere before today. So my characters are sitting there with 200 marks each and nowhere to spend them.

Did we really need yet another currency? This is getting stupid.

jmc88881315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

Still haven't played Vault of Glass. How about some matchmaking Bungie?

Also it's really a DUMB DUMB idea to introduce new gates between players.

The people at the top now don't have to jump through the same hoops as everyone else. So the people who took longer, now have to take even longer to get where people already are. With each patch they create a wider gap between the haves and have nots.

If you absolutely have to introduce new so ABOVE ALL PLAYERS.

More and more grinding. Little content. Punish solo players even more. No matchmaking for a bunch of the content, which again, you now made harder to solo.

I want to play a GAME, not engage in Crapbook.

Nerfing people's single player...because of how they work in multiplayer? Yeah that makes sense.

Bungie...are you trying to make the game BETTER or WORSE? OG Destiny was far superior to what it is now.

Early on I thought buying the expansion pack/season pass was a no brainer. Now I'll wait for it on sale, if even then.