How Square Enix crushed gamers' spirits with the Final Fantasy 7 announcement

GameZone's Mike Splechta: "In a way, it's silly to yearn for a remake of a game that came out in 1997, but for a lot of gamers, such as myself, that was their first Final Fantasy game. This was the game that made me fall in love with the franchise, and made me seek out earlier entries and be excited for subsequent releases. The truth of the matter is though, I think a lot of gamers had given up hope on a remake, and that was fine. But Square's announcement was re-opening that wound, and shoving a rusty dagger inside and leaving it in."

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OUROSMAG1200d ago

I was gasping and freaking the hell out when they showed the logo....then was seriously upset when they announced it was a port.

SniperControl1200d ago

Yep, FF7 was my first FF, i absolutely loved the game, spent countless hours playing this to death.

Unfortunately, i wont be getting it as i already have it on my Vita and the recent remaster on PC.

Baylex1200d ago

I have never played the game! And I don't really like digital games so here is my chance to try this gem :)

darthv721200d ago

i honestly kept thinking....they will pull an image swap at some point. they are teasing us with the original look and then...bam the image changes to a more modern remastered look. Like what was shown for Grim Fandango.

but just kept rolling. And finally, the announcement that it is just a PC port with upscaled original graphics...WTH square.

Marcello1200d ago

This was indeed the most dumbest & troll announcement ever, defo 1 for the history books. How did Square get this in there heads that this was a good idea ?? they must really think were a bunch of @rseholes. The PC version of FF7 is crap !!!

If i remember rightly this is the first time a game from PS1 gen has been ported to a modern gen console even no dev has ported a PS1 gen to PS2 ?? correct me if i am wrong !

masterfox1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

really people ? you really think a new FFVII it was going to be announced ?

Hell sure I wasn't expecting one, the issue with this, most japanese developers are not as strong they are use to be, re-creating such a huge game it would take years for them and I think all their workforce would be used, so even less games from this company, just look how much time is taking for FFXV, the problem itself are the japanese developers, dunno why but when the new gen started with the 360 and then PS3 they started to slow like half their gaming developing production.

dumahim1200d ago

Sure? They bring out a SE executive and flash a FF& logo up on the screen, who would think they would go to the trouble to announce a PC to PS4 port of a 17 year old game? That doesn't warrant stage time.

kayoss1200d ago

" such a huge game it would take years for them and I think all their workforce would be used..."

Should have delegated all the resources for Final fantasy 13-2 and Final fantasy 13-3 to the remaking of final fantasy 7.

SliceOfTruth8881200d ago

The problem is square hasnt made anything with that kind of magic since that fantasy wise. FFX came close but you could see the changes happening and every FF after that just didnt have the charm. We want the charm back and honestly that charm may never come back.

Tales RPG addict1200d ago

FFVII is awesome, but i still find FFVI to be far better.

Squeenix has failed for years.

Illusive_Man1200d ago

SE would most definitely need financial support for a complete HD rema

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The story is too old to be commented.