The Order: 1886 Devs Get Brand New Website; Explain Development Philosophy and Show the Studio

If you want to know more about Ready at Dawn, the developer behind The Order: 1886 get ready for a treat. The Irvine-based studio got a brand new website with quite interesting content.

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tlougotg1345d ago

After new demo ppl really starting to come around to this game. Seems to have top tier graphics with solid gameplay, may not strive from the norm but it looks good being solid!

medman1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

It looks great. I was sold long ago when they showed the thermite gun and the lycan started talking. I literally sat straight up in my chair when that beast starting talking sh*t to the player. I really didn't need much more than that to convince me. That was all I needed.

VforVideogames1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

All Sony did was reminding us that Ps4 its all about graphics and no gameplay just look at Blood borne I find it kind a boring , Uncharted with same gameplay just prettier , the Order seems more interesting than last time, SFV is the same game as before just better graphics, I just hope that GranTurismo its on the same level as Forza. No mans sky its another Destiny, we all know about both of them but we don't know what their all about.

WeAreLegion1345d ago

You should eat a Snickers, bro. Nobody hates video games this much.

Rimgal1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I'm pretty sure he's not a gamer. After seeing some of his comments I'm convinced that he's just here because of the drama.

PowerPlayaaa1345d ago


U mean VforVisitingTheShrink.

One of the most fanboy comments Ive read in a loooooong time.
Btw, let me guess, you favor the other console right????

Its sooo Hard to tell.


thanhgee1345d ago

Way too much salt in your diet.

Ron_Danger1345d ago

Hmmmm... Ripping on PS4 exclusives then trying to sneak in that you "hope gran Turismo is on the same level at Forza"... Yeah... It's totally not obvious which side of the fence you're on.

Bad trolling is bad...

guyman1345d ago

It's so beautiful when a troll comes and downplays the hell of a console and its games, it makes sense after all, i would be extremely upset if i did not have a ps4!

GameDev11345d ago

why remain salty, when there is all these flavours of games to play on all systems??

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cruzngta1345d ago

wish I could work with those guys - place looks cool as hell and The Order is my number one game next to Uncharted and Bloodbourne. It looks unreal and I cant wait to enjoy it....lets hope this becomes a series so we can get more cool games like this.