PlanetSide 2 still targeting 60FPS on PS4

GameZone: "The developers at Sony Online Entertainment haven't given up on hitting 60 frames per second with PlanetSide 2 on PlayStation 4."

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yarbie10001103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

Considering the reviewer played it and said they ran into frame-rate issues with 30FPS

considering John Smedley said

"zero way to pull of 60 in a game like this. Plays great though. Very smooth."

and this

"no way to keep it at 60. Don't want to set false expectations."

I'm not holding my breathe

JohnathanACE1103d ago

It might seem a bit unlikely but hey if they want to try for 60fps more power to them.

Ra30301103d ago

Damn....are they OCD over there? Release the Kraken!

MysticStrummer1103d ago

Just shut up and give me the beta.

scark921103d ago (Edited 1103d ago )

;_; Do what he wants!!

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