DriveClub New Updated (1.08) Now Available, Get The Full Details

DriveClub gets the new update today, let it be rain and snow in DriveClub's online and offline modes. The 1.4 GB download will also add two new tracks: Norway's Atlanterhavsvegen and Canada's Sinclair Pass.

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Whirlwind_Fanfare_081231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

A corvette! hell yeah.

GMW1230d ago

I did the update last night and.......the GRAPHICS!!!! Ilove the gameplay, handling etc. Each car feels unique. You can even FEEL the sweet spot as you get your drifting perfect. However, those graphics are just insane! Words escape me. :-0 :-0 :-0

OVOrizzy1230d ago

I love DriveClub yes it was terrible at first but now everything is getting better. Forza Who?

danowat1230d ago

while DC undoubtedly looks glorious, Forza still trumps it in two key areas.

1) Physics

2) 60fps

GTgamer1230d ago

DC being 30fps is still feels more exilerating especially in a hyper Car I got scared and hit the brakes with the maclarin but it was too late because the car took flight it was epic I have a video on my Facebook for anyone that wants to see and bring up that physics argument because DC was never built around that the devs said it countless times.

JMyers1228d ago

I'd rather the game look like DC than 60fps.

Jdoki1230d ago

What are the main issues with DriveClub now?

I was hoping to pick up the free PS+ edition, but after that got postponed I have been in two minds whether to buy it.

memots1230d ago

No more issue, I started receiving challenges from my club and everything seem to be working fine. Don't listen to the trolls it's a good game. Definitely worth it for any racing fan.

GMW1230d ago

None that I can see. If you have any interest in driving games it is borderline criminal not to try this game out. I love driving games and own both Xbox and playstation consoles so I can play the driving games. This one though, is now King of the hill.

Bennibop1230d ago

If you are on the fence get someone to shareplay it. Personally I think it is the best driving game I have played in years think some people really missed the point.

Jdoki1230d ago

Thanks memots, GMW, Bennibop,

I am a big racing fan, but I've been on the fence with DriveClub because of the problems reported, and because I was never a huge fan of Evolutions other title, Motorstorm

The PS+ Free version would have been a nice opportunity to try it. Good to know the problems have been dealt with.

I think I'll grab it in the New Year

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kratoz12091230d ago

The new Tracks are fantastic.
Especially the new Norway track :D

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