"Do you hate your fans that much, Square Enix?" | Twitter Reacts... To Final Fantasy VII on PS4

Dealspwn: "Square dropped the news that the PS4 version will just be a straight up port of the PC game. [...] This did not exactly go down well."

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Blues Cowboy1321d ago

Yawn. I love FF7 as much as the next guy, but I had it on PSOne, bought it on PC and have an unplayed Vita/PSX classic version on PSN. Not sure why this is news, or more to the point, why there aren't MORE PSOne games on PS4 anyway.

izumo_lee1321d ago

I agree. Squarenix is not the same company we loved back in the day that created this timeless classic.

The game may be dated now but i thought that graphics don't matter to people going by all this resolution debates. I still play the game on my Vita which in my opinion is the best way to play the game. The nostalgia is still there cause the games overall presentation is still great despite the graphics.

FuzzyPixels1321d ago

Vita FFVII for the win!

I think it was the packaging of it, though. PSX was a stage set for big trailers and big reveals.

Blues Cowboy is right... this isn't news. At least it shouldn't have been. A PC port of FFVII isn't news at all, but it was dressed up to be a big announcement... *that's* why it's galling.

I for one would still LOVE to see FFVII HD

contradictory1321d ago

FF VII looks like lego but is still far better game than XIII in my opinion

1321d ago
Pixel_Enemy1321d ago

I am annoyed that I had to hack my Vita just to get FF Crisis Core on it. It was a fantastic FF7 spinoff that I owned for PSP and you can't even buy it on the store for Vita...

ShinMaster1321d ago

Why are people acting like babies... Square Enix never promised to remake FF7.

user55757081321d ago

the problem is that squarenix trolled everyone back in 2006 with that ps3 tech demo where they remade the first scene of FFVII

ever since then people have been expecting a full remake not even just an HD remaster

hay1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

Ahh, it's so clear now. Square is being runned by Final Fantasy 7 AI and is afraid to be substituted by newer, more efficient one, hence no remake.

It has no meaning for the words like "success", "awesome", "fan" only means OpenGL triangle fan draw mode for them, or "loyalty" with their R/L parsing means "royalty"(fees). It only knows "more", "gil", "damage" and "items".

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gazgriff2k121321d ago

no ps one games on ps4 because of ps now. sucks if you have to pay to rent games you already own on ps3 and ps vita

DragoonsScaleLegends1321d ago

I think the bigger issue here is what this means for the chances of a PS1 emulator on PS4. Since this game is being ported rather than being available as a PS1 classic. It's very disappointing that our only way to play these classic games will be on PS Now which is full of latency even with a 20mbps connection. Plus it's so over priced for what we could purchase the game for. I understand PS Now being the only possible way for PS3 games but PS1 and PS2 is at least possible to emulate on PS4.

Gamer19821320d ago

You know what people just want to moan im sure of it.. I mean they could have said were releasing nothing.. Instead there at least releasing something. No doubt this means they will release all there other FF games on PS4 too if this sells well meaning FF1-13-3 minus the couple that never made it to pc and ff11. But lets forget all the positives and the fact they didn't have to release ANYTHING AT ALL and just focus on the negatives that this isn't a new recycled version in which lets be honest will never live up to our expectations now..

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Volkama1321d ago

Ah it's for the best that they never remake FFVII. I'm not sure I could handle submerging into the next-gen ocean and suddenly seeing next-gen Emerald Weapon a couple of yards away.

When I was young my heart would skip a beat at that point, but it'd recover. Now I'm older and the graphics are that much better that it might just stop beating altogether.

TM3331321d ago

I was hesitant to want a remake myself, until I read your post LOL. Now I really want it. That would be KILLER! The ocean part would soooo rock!

Gamer19821320d ago

Emerald weapon under the water proper struck fear into you for a game lol. Amazing how a game can play with your emotions like that did and its why its still one of the best made JRPGS to date.

XtraTrstrL1321d ago

The best way to respond to that announcement made at Playstation Experience is no one buying that PSX port on PS4.

Ch1d0r11321d ago

Hahaha love these comments. Looks like the SONY Experience was not a good one for MS. If you already own FF VII don't buy it, very simple. But do go buy a PS4 its gonna have fantastic games.

Pinkdolphinyfg1321d ago

At this point sometimes I feel like they do it on purpose just to be pricks.

Zool 081321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

With all their broken promises, I'll never trust Square again (I'd rather trust politicians at this point), so what ever Square says or do I wouldn't bother with them.

mydyingparadiselost1321d ago

An FFVII remake would have better luck passing through Congress than getting made by Squeenix...

aLucidMind1321d ago

A zombie would have better luck finding a brain in Congress than us getting that FF7 remake.

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