Halo: TMCC Review- 99 Problems on the Xbox One- GameOnDaily

"Halo MCC is a good game almost sunk by its technical inadequacies, which have certainly blotted 343 and MS’s copybook. "

The Marb from GameOnDaily reviews Halo: The Master Chief Collection

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TankCrossing1321d ago

Pfft Gameondaily hypocrisy. Didn't see them marking Driveclub down for online issues, but they just can't help themselves when it's a microsoft title.

Septic1321d ago

Halo: TMCC was supposed to be a celebraton of all things Halo. This was supposed to be this generation's Orange Box. 343 just simply could not afford to mess this up.

Like the article says:

"Halo MCC is a good game almost sunk by its technical inadequacies, which have certainly blotted 343 and MS’s copybook. "

These issues have done irreparable damage to the game's legacy and community. Its a stain on an otherwise amazing package.

I would distinguish this from DC, with the latter being a newer IP with far less expectations. Halo is Xbox. Xbox is Halo and Halo: TMCC being broken is a problem.

Volkama1321d ago

Also, Driveclub has faster cars and better weather effects. But Halo's AI are better at driving.

Septic1321d ago


Ahahaha LMFAO! + Bubs x 9000

Lightning Mr Bubbles1321d ago

99 problems on the XBOX One but Halo ain't one... Naw, naw, that's terrible

Rimgal1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

They gave Driveclub a 7. From that review.

"I must caveat this part of the review to say that Driveclub has endured a rocky launch, and online play has rarely been available to play."

Tedakin1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

I've pretty much given up on MCC. Ball dropped. Someone at 343 will be fired over this. It's a massive black eye to MS's biggest franchise and system seller. If it affect sales, MS could lose millions.

But I wait to see what they're going to do to "make things right" as they promised. That Halo 5 beta had better be incredible.

marlinfan101321d ago

Games working MUCH better after last night. It was working good before but last night I was getting games in like 30seconds and nearly every game had even teams. Probably played 15-20 games last night

BLKxSEPTEMBER1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

After last nights update i have been able to get into BALANCED games in almost less than a min. Seems to me thst most of the problems are going away but for ME one MAJOR problem still exist...WHERE IS HALO 4!!!!!

Angerfist1320d ago

Yeah. Absolutely true. I enjoyed Halo 4 MP and having it at 1080p 60 fps is great but there is no point if it's not unlocked for matchmaking.

And that is something I don't get: why are there no bots? Halo is known for its AI and in a case like this would be great.

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