Battlefield Hardline Trailer/Box Art Causes Controversy in Wake of Ferguson Shooting

CraveOnline: "Considering the current tumultuous relationship the US populace is sharing with the police in the wake of the Mike Brown shooting in Ferguson and Eric Garner’s death (and the subsequent ludicrous ruling that the officer who murdered him wasn’t found guilty of any wrongdoing), the latest Battlefield game, which sees police go head-to-head with civilians in the middle of a drug war, was always going to have a hard time selling itself without causing controversy."

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yarbie10001229d ago Kmart & Target so we can get it pulled

Funny...allllll this controversy. And this is the first I've heard about it. Some people need to grow a pair

TheJacksonRGN1229d ago

EA should have chosen a different time to air their trailer is all. No need to stop selling the game.

DarthZoolu1229d ago

FTPolice i wasn't gonna buy this from the time i heard cops and robbers. First Battlefield game ever that I won't be playing.

theshonen88991229d ago

Battlefield was never a good fit for a police story. I would have loved a game built from the ground up involving the more focused and personal conflicts of police officers like LA Noire but building it on the foundations of a military shooter just doesn't work.

venom061229d ago

only a DUMBA$$ EA/Battlefield hater would equate the box art of a damn video game with what happens in real life.. people are stupid incredibly stupid its becoming nauseating. So if folks are butthurt over that, then why be butthurt of the killin of cops that in the game?? why not be butthurt over the police killin of criminals on GTA5??? Good lord, i swear some of these butthurt EA/Battlefield hatin people were born 5 months premature...

LackTrue4K1229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Funny, never Hurd of this shooting, is it races/school/bank robber related? In the end, if it is/isn't....what dose it have to do with gaming again??

Immorals1229d ago

People just need to let go and just get on with their lives. The world would be a much better place.

Razjin1229d ago

Wow i'm black and i'm not offended why are people so sensitive about this trailer.....damn I just lost hope for humanity over this.

Soulscare1229d ago

I don't understand what race has to do with it tbh... Surely it should "Police shoots kid" rather than "Police shoots black kid".

BX811229d ago

Depends on the situation. Yeah there are some race issues but not every damn one. That's just out of control. also who in the hell riots over this? Yeah let's destroy our community store while we're at it and steal tvs..... That'll fix it.

Ashunderfire861229d ago


It's not the that fact many black people in Ferguson was rioting, it's the fact Agent Provocateurs started the riots, so the mainstream media can blame black people for destroying their neighborhood. It started out as a peaceful protest, the cointel pro New Black Panthers hijack the protest and start riots, the police and the national guards so called America's heroes to save the day for the media to report. Wake up people we are being played out. Most of those rioters are out of the of Towners .

BX811229d ago

It's also the fact that they were rioting and looting their own businesses. Lets say the black panthers start rioting, well if you don't join like an idiot then it's only the black panthers rioting. Too many people wanna play the race card when it's not needed then loot and riot where they live. That doesn't solve crap.

Dirtnapstor1229d ago

Someone somewhere will always attempt to make unnecessary connections. This is cops & robbers, something we all played as little kids.
Cover looks pretty cool.

loganbdh1229d ago

Love the TV show presentation of the trailer makes me wanna watch 24 all over again... I'm black and not offended at all.

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